Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oh Hair

The bane of my existence.

I am a curly haired girl that only has one dream: hair that is straight.

Since that will never be I have also been the girl of many hair colors.

From blonde.


To super blonde.

To punk rock black.

To red.

To blondish reddish again.

To brownish

To getting married.... when I decided that coloring my hair might be one of those things that I can cut out of my life.  So for the last 4.5 years of my life my hair has been all natural....

Until yesterday.  I blame it all on Erica.  It is completely her fault.  I had been perfectly fine with my boring brown hair until I hung out with her.  Her mom took a picture of our hair side by side.  I realized how boring my hair was.  Erica gave me a great idea.  Since the new hip trend (yes I realize it is such an old trend now that it really isn't new and hip but for us old married people it still is a new hip trend) is this half colored hair that is very low maintenance upkeep (because they don't color your roots) I figured I should do my hair!

I was a little hesitant when the girl that did my hair was literally 12.  (ok, not 12 but 19 and straight out of hair school) but I think it turned out great!

The Before and the After.

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