Friday, August 18, 2017

The First Annual Family Weekend in San Diego

When I looked up flights and calculated that it would only cost about $35 more to fly to San Diego than to drive I knew flying was a good idea.  When it took us 4 hours total from door to door (which included the 30 minutes to the Provo airport and the 60 minutes from the San Diego Airport to Jason's parents house..... I knew it was a FABULOUS idea)  I honestly can't say enough wonderful things about flying out of Provo!!!  (Of course I have heard all sorts of disastrous stories about delayed or canceled flights)  But flying this time with Brad was an absolute delight!  

We live about 20 miles south of the Salt Lake Airport so every time we are outside playing in our backyard we can see the airplanes in take off and landing.  Brad will call out, "Bye!" as he waves at the planes.  He was pretty excited to see an airplane so close waving at it and yelling Bye over and over again.

Now that Brad is at the age where he can watch a show and be entertained, an 80 minute flight is pretty dreamy.  He just loved sitting on one of our laps and watching The Secret Life of Pets the whole time.  I was bummed we weren't sitting by the window so he could watch, but oh well.

So we left our house at 8, got to San Diego at 10, unpacked and got settled, and headed to the beach by 12:30.  Awesome beautiful day.

Jason came up with the best way to describe Brad right now.  He is like Will Ferrell as Buddy in the movie Elf.  He is genuinely so excited about everything.  He squealed and screamed in delight the entire hour we were at the beach.  He thinks the beach is the coolest thing ever.

He would run to and from the water over and over and over again.

After the beach we headed back to play with Grandma at the pool.  Once again, Brad was in heaven.

Then the party began!  Most of Jason's siblings, spouses, and kids came to hang out for the weekend.  The first day we spent a lot of time in the pool, playing games, and just hanging out.

One of the highlights of the day was a fancy dancy Italian dinner with just the adults.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the appetizers!  Calamari, caprese salad, fried zucchini, green salads, meats, and cheeses. So delicious! But by the time we finished the appetizers I was almost full!  So I did my favorite thing ever, ordered dessert for dinner!  

On Saturday we went to lunch at the habor for fish and chips.  


Obviously Brad was loving every single minute of this weekend.  He loves his aunt Wendy!

Other activities at the house included: a macaron cooking demonstration (that shockingly turned out!), thoughtful gifts from Wendy, a fun make up sample exchange (well minus the whole exchange part), cornhole, piano practice with Grandma, and just lots and lots of attention and playing for Brad.

The weekend ended with an exciting (I hate exciting) trips to the airport when I realized our flight was an hour earlier than I thought.  With 12 minutes until our gate closed Jason and I geared up to make it on the flight.  I was in charge of Brad and actually getting on the flight while Jason would be in charge of getting the carseat, stroller, and 3 bags through security.  We decided at least Brad and I should make it on the flight.  It was just like Home Alone.  Brad squealed with delight as I ran with him down the terminal carrying him in one hand and my shoes in the other.  We made it with 3 minutes to spare.  And I must add it made traveling with a baby so much easier!  No wait, just straight on the plane and take off!  It was an absolutely wonderful weekend.  And this final picture just show how absolutely wonderful it was.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oh Hair

The bane of my existence.

I am a curly haired girl that only has one dream: hair that is straight.

Since that will never be I have also been the girl of many hair colors.

From blonde.


To super blonde.

To punk rock black.

To red.

To blondish reddish again.

To brownish

To getting married.... when I decided that coloring my hair might be one of those things that I can cut out of my life.  So for the last 4.5 years of my life my hair has been all natural....

Until yesterday.  I blame it all on Erica.  It is completely her fault.  I had been perfectly fine with my boring brown hair until I hung out with her.  Her mom took a picture of our hair side by side.  I realized how boring my hair was.  Erica gave me a great idea.  Since the new hip trend (yes I realize it is such an old trend now that it really isn't new and hip but for us old married people it still is a new hip trend) is this half colored hair that is very low maintenance upkeep (because they don't color your roots) I figured I should do my hair!

I was a little hesitant when the girl that did my hair was literally 12.  (ok, not 12 but 19 and straight out of hair school) but I think it turned out great!

The Before and the After.

Monday, August 7, 2017


Well yesterday was my Grandpa's funeral.  Although I had definitely shed quite a few tears about him getting old, about missing him, and about him dying I really didn't think I was going to cry much at his funeral.  Maybe it's heartless to say but really he was gone, he had been gone for a while now, and really I am happy that he was out of pain and in a much better place.  So I went into the day with the idea I wouldn't cry.

But then I did.

But it wasn't about my grandpa.  It was just as we were getting ready to close the casket and say the family prayer when the door opened and in walked Chad.  (I cry just typing it.)  You see my little brother Chad lives in West Virginia and just started his 3rd year of medical school.   He had asked about the funeral to see if he could come.  It was in a group text between all my family that he asked.  My mom of course responded in her natural fashion with, "Don't feel like you need to come."  To which of course I had to respond.  I said, "What Mom means to say is, We would love to see you and it would mean a lot to her if you came.  But she completely understands if you can't come.  To which my mom responded, "That's right!"

But that was kinda the last we heard from Chad.  He said he contacted his supervisor but hadn't gotten a response.  I had text Chad telling him I would be happy to pick him up from the airport, he could stay at our house, he could use one of our cars if he'd like but never got a response.

So we thought he hadn't gotten a approval from his supervisor and knowing that airplane tickets on this short of notice across the country are typically insanely expensive we figured we wouldn't see him.

So of course you can imagine my surprise when he walked in.  I bawled.

Craig and Marcie had picked Chad up at the Las Vegas airport and they traveled to the funeral together.

So all 6 of my mom's kids made it to the funeral.

And it's things like yesterday that remind me just how precious family is.

The funeral was a beautiful tribute to my grandpa and we sure will miss him.

But Brad was in absolute heaven with so many little cousins to hang out with.  

Broc and Nick had stayed at our house the night before the funeral.  I realized there was a lot of time before the viewing and funeral at 1:30 so I decided to take them on a hike.  I don't really know many hikes in Salt Lake so I decided to ask the experts.  My Uncle Glenn and my cousin Chase.  Chase wanted to do a hike up one of the Cottonwood Canyons but his dad said we should go on the "coolest" hike in Salt Lake.  I put "coolest" in quotation marks because without going into too much detail.  The hike was totally lame but the view at the top of both Salt Lake and Utah Valley was fun.

But the bottom line is.  I am so so grateful for family.