Friday, July 14, 2017

Trail Runs

If someone was to ask me what my favorite form of exercise is, the answer would be easy.  Ok.  That is a lie.  It is not easy at all.  There is something so satisfying about road biking to the top of a canyon and the wind blowing on your face as you go zipping down the road.  There is also something so unique about the unifying force of being in a a group fitness class.  As I have also talked about a million times before, there is no better, more enjoyable way to explore a new city than to run it.

But that being said.... trail running still might be my very favorite.  Taking on the different elements.  Jumping over rocks and dodging branches.  Seeing all of the beauty of a hike in a fraction of the time.  I absolutely love it.  I like trail running better than road running because it is way more exciting.  It is a lot softer on your body (most of the time) because you are running on dirt rather than pavement.  Another benefit is speed isn't as important because you are getting more of a workout from going up hills, jumping over things, and using your core muscles to keep you balanced.

I have finally convinced some of my favorite workout friends to join me on some trail runs.  There are 3 different runs I have done recently.

The first is closest for me, Corner Canyon.  The day before I had my surgery I did an awesome 10 mile run in Corner Canyon.

Provo Canyon will always be my favorite.  I have an awesome 10 mile loop that even includes 3 drinking fountains!

Because of the huge flag PG put up for the 4th of July, Heather and I decided we needed to run Clear Creek Canyon.  Heather heard we could run over to Battle Creek canyon and down.  Although the up and downs of the canyons were insanely steep and not conducive to running the middle part of the run was absolutely beautiful!

Why did I write this post today?  Because... sometimes I wake up at 4:00 am and I still have a hard time motivating myself to get out the door!  Time to hit the trail!


Jason has been having a difficult time sleeping with the stress of an insanely difficult test coming up so I decided to take Brad on my run so Jason could sleep in.  This was the view when we ran down to the river.
I had to smile.  This view right here is why I love it.  I love that running makes me get outside and enjoy a beautiful sunrise!  Just in case you are curious.... Brad and I ran 10 miles using our regular stroller.  (Our Bob running stroller keeps getting flats!)  Running that far with a stroller is not for the faint of heart!  Luckily my hands are tough so no blisters but still.  I should mention Brad love loves seeing all the birds, ducks, and doggies along the path.  He barks at them all.  And I did let him out at mile 8 for a 20 minute play time at the slides.  I got to stretch and drink water while he ran wild.  Those last time miles were probably more difficult though because my muscles had started to cool down and of course it doesn't help that they are pretty much straight up hill the whole way home.  But we did it.

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