Thursday, July 6, 2017

Time in Fallbrook

Going to Jason's parents' house is always like going to a resort.  It truly is absolutely beautiful.  You can't really tell as well as I hoped in this picture, but I took this picture in the early morning when mist was rising off of the lake as the sun was rising.  Absolutely beautiful.

Brad would have been perfectly happy just playing all day every day of the trip at Grandma's house!  It truly is a little boys paradise!  Sunday was the first full day we were there.  It was probably a little hard for Brad to understand why we didn't just jump right into that pool!  

Brad had fun walking around the lake and playing on the dock.  I don't know what it is about that kid but he loves stages!  As soon as he feels like he's on a "stage" he starts dancing.  Hilarious.   

Putting rocks into Grandpa's fountain.

But his most favorite, wading in the waterfall from the hot tub to the pool.

Then finally Monday happened and Brad could go swimming!  Jason's parents' pool is the absolute best for kids of all ages!  There is the waterfall area for kids to "wade", a 1 ft area for little kids to play, a 3 ft area for bigger kids to play, and a 14 ft area for biggest kids to jump off things.  So awesome!

I didn't get a ton of pictures of Brad in the pool but he ended up loving it!  One reason I didn't get a lot of pictures was right after this picture was taken we moved to the other side of the pool.  I left my phone right next to Jason's on the side of the pool.  We came back to that side 20 minutes later to find my phone 2 ft under...... but the CRAZIEST THING!  Apple wasn't kidding when they said the phone was water resistant!  I turned my phone off, let it sit for 5 hours, and...... IT WORKS!  Best news ever!  Hallelujah for the Iphone 7!

One other note about the pool.  I went out to the pool after my run one day and saw this cute little (huge) crawdad.  I thought maybe George had put it in as a prank.... but nope!  It had crawled over 200 yards from the lake!  So crazy.

Beach Time!
Monday for lunch we went with George, Leigh, Ali, and Jared to Oceanside Harbor for fish and chips.  The fish was absolutely delicious!  The views were pretty awesome as well.  It was the absolute perfect temperatures at the beach.  82 degrees and perfectly sunny.

Brad had an absolute wonderful time hanging out with Grandma Leigh and watching the seagulls.

After we had to hit the beach!  Look at that sky!!! No June Gloom today!

Brad was really funny about the beach.  He hadn't been in almost a year, so it was obviously a new experience for him.  He was terrified of the sand!  So finally we laid out a towel for him to stand on.  He would play in the sand as long as he didn't have to step in it.  He would shovel sand from one side of the towel to the other.  We probably should have let him stay that way, it was way easy to watch him!


But of course, eventually Jason HAD to get his boy out in the sand and into the water.  He loved it. 

But his favorite was eating it....

Going to the beach was probably the happiest we have ever seen Brad.  He loved it more than anything!  (A true CA dude at heart.)

San Diego County Fair
Jason's dad does a lot of wood working.  He is an absolute master at what he is able to create!  They had asked him to come do a demonstration at the fair.  So Jason, Brad, Ali and I joined him to see what a southern California fair was like!  It was definitely very different from the Eastern Idaho State fair that was my first real exposure to fairs.  But it was fun all the same!

Here's George at work showing his wood working skills!

While George did demonstrations we went and found the animals.  (Very few animals but fun!)

On the drive home Brad was absolutely exhausted.  So exhausted that he fell asleep while trying to eat a Pringle. 

Another night at Jason's parents we had an impromptu little bbq and party with Jennifer and her two kids Reid and Gwen.  I didn't get many good pictures, these pictures are from a video I took.  So they aren't that great, but I want to be able to remember this time.  

Ali, Grandma, Gwen, and Jen talking by the pool.

Jason swimming in the pool.

George making a fire in the firepit.

And Brad and I snuggling in a towel after getting out of the pool.  

Jared has some pretty impressive cowboy boots.  Although they were way too big for Brad, Jared let Brad try them on.  There is just something about a baby in a diaper and cowboy boots that says, "Happy summer!"

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