Monday, July 24, 2017

The Land where colors are more vivid.

This is Island Park.  
The enchantment of this land of vivid colors always surprises me.  You think you can remember the way the colors jump out at you but you can't.  And luckily we got some pictures that I feel almost do it justice.  They call this area Big Sky country.  And I don't know what it is but there is no question you feel like the sky is bigger around here.  
Brad and I didn't get to participate in a lot of the activities that make this area so great, but we definitely are not complaining.  This trip was awesome.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  We'll back up.  

My parents rented a cabin next to Island Park Reservior for us to stay in.  Jason has a very important test a week after this trip so he didn't get to come but we made the best of it without Daddy. 

We loved to take walks through the pine tree lined dirt roads that led down to the lake.

Grandma joined us on one of our walks.  

I love this picture.  My dad, Nick, Nate and his boys went on the Grand Yellowstone Canyon fishing adventure that I went on two years ago.  Of course with Brad that wasn't an option but I love this picture because my dad was exhausted beyond belief but he was happy to sit on the couch and share his potato chips with Brad.

Here are all the younger cousins watching a movie while the older cousins and adults went to float my favorite river float of all time Below Mesa Falls.

 Some more lounging around the cabin.  And of course Brad did a great job winning over the hearts of any person who would let him.  Here he is snuggling with Aunt Jeanine.

I love this picture because it is so uncharacteristic.  If you know my brother Nick, he falls asleep anywhere.  Here is Jeanine who had fallen asleep watching the little kids.  

Brad and the boys.

Winning over Aunt Kim

I went for a run both mornings we were in Island Park.  It wasn't until I saw that the elevation of Island Park is over 2,200 feet higher than I am used to in South Jordan that I felt okay with how hard the runs were.  Luckily Nick ran with me both mornings to push me, protect me from possible bear run ins(very unlikely), and to distract me with how hard the runs were.  
Here are some views of the lake on our run.

The one Brad friendly activity of the trip was going to wade in the river at Mack's Inn.  The water is super shallow so Brad had a blast.  Here are all 13 cousins, only missing Max, at the River.  

 And as luck would have it, Erica and her family were visiting Island Park that very same weekend!  

I title this picture, "Educators in the Summer."  Happy, tan, and probably exerciserestic.

 Tuckered right out from playing at the river.

The last night we were there my mom and I went for a drive up to West Yellowstone to remember the good ol' days.  We walked around the streets and ate ice cream at the one, the only Arrowleaf.  

Sunday it was just us and my parents.  I knew church was going to be an experience when there were traffic jams at every intersection with mini vans with BYU stickers on the back.  They said over 4,000 people were in attendance.  Since both churches were completely full so they had speakers outside for people to hear.  They even brought the Sacrament outside for everyone!  

Best church meeting ever.

 I know, I know I always talk about how much I love this area of the world.  But this truly is something just absolutely magical about it.  And once again I am so grateful for my parents and their huge effort to make this trip so wonderful for all of us!

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