Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Road Tripping to California

Road trips are getting a bit more tricky as Brad gets older.  Brad is getting a little bit more difficult in the car.  He has a hard time falling asleep.  So most of the time we have a half whiney very sleepy kid that just keeps fighting sleep.  So we were very grateful for more pitstops than normal on this trip.  

But the first and important to document thing of this trip: the Brian Head fire.  This fire has burned at least 65,000 aches and wrecked the hearts of many people of southern Utah.  Here was our first sighting of the smoke of the fire north of Filmore.

The smoke cloud was actually really beautiful.

And of course Brad finally fell asleep right before we got to my parents house in Cedar.

The next morning we got up extra early to beat the record breaking heat through the desert.  We stopped at a gas station in Moapa Valley/ Overton Nevada and were pleasantly surprised when we found this little farm area.  It had goats, chickens, and horses.  Brad loved it!  It was a perfect little break for him.  Mind you, it was before 9 am and already hitting 100 degrees outside.

Our next stop was in Glendora to Aunt Raine's house!  We had a wonderful visit and finally got to meet Lars' little girl LaRue!  This was a fun video I took of Brad meeting her.  He is currently pretty obsessed with babies.  Especially baby's binkies...

We had a delicious dinner of bbq ribs that fell off the bone and melted in your mouth, grilled veggies, green salad, and my favorite.... sour dough rolls!  After a wonderful visit with Myra, Lars, Caitlin, Natalie, Steven, Nils, and Raine we headed south to make it to Fallbrook.  It was a great start of the trip!

Brad's favorite road trip food these days?  Sour Cream and Onion Pringles.  Here he is caught red handed!!!

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