Saturday, July 8, 2017

Dana Point with Franci

My dear cousin Franci and her family rented a house in Dana Point for 3 weeks while Franci's husband worked in Orange county.  Brad and I were excited to be able to spend some time with her and her darling 5 girls at her house, her pool, and her AMAZING private beach.  I have been to some pretty amazing places in California through the years, but Franci's situation might take the cake!  Franci's house was on the Monarch Beach golf course.  There was a walking trail from her house to the beach.  This beach had no car access so it was PERFECT.  The walk to the beach was as beautiful as the beach itself!

We had a great time playing in the sand and enjoying a beautiful beach day!

Brad of course loved to take things from Franci's youngest, Cassie.

We spent a lot of time at the pool where Franci's girls loved to play with Brad.  Brad was in absolute heaven.  They swam with him, played catch with him, and just spoiled him rotten.

While our babies were asleep Franci and I were even able to sneak out (While Franci's 13 year old babysat) and go to Laguna Beach to walk around and eat a delicious dinner.

We ordered the craziest thing on the menu that we knew our husbands would hate!  It was a pizza with a blackberry sauce, apricot ricotta, bacon, and arugula.  It was an absolute party in your mouth!
And of course we had to finish it off with a delicious, mostly authentic, Italian cannoli.  Oh how I love cannolis!!!

I loved getting to spend so much time with Franci and her family.  I adore her and feel so grateful to have her in my life!

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