Monday, July 17, 2017

Boating - at least sometimes there is perfect lighting.

We'll for better and for worse, like I said, we've become boat people.  Boats are always drama and our trip after the "perfect" storm was no exception.  After a brutal day of school and studying Jason wanted to take the boat out just for an hour or so to relax.  Although Brad and I were a little hesitant after our last boating experience, we agreed to come along.  As soon as Jason put the boat into the water he tried to start the engine.  It wouldn't start.  So for the next hour mechanic Jason tried to fix the boat, while I did everything I could to entertain Brad.  

As you can tell he was clearly amused.  I also had a great time chatting with Bridget.  And eventually of course mechanic Jason got the boat running.  So of course we went out on the lake!  Nick did some wake boating but shortly after the boat died again.... So here is Nick and Jason working on the boat again.  This time in the middle of the lake.

Eventually they got the boat running again and off we went.  (Yes the boat died multiple more times during this trip.  And yes I was a nervous wreck the whole time wondering how in the world we were going to get off the lake if Jason couldn't get the engine going again.)  But for records sake I'll just show you the pictures. ;)

PG put up a huge flag in Grove Creek Canyon that I was shocked we could see from the lake!  (If you look at the picture and find the G on the mountain, look in the canyon to the left and you'll see the flag!)

My boat loving, wake board pro, mechanic of a husband.

At least the lighting was perfect.

But of course my nervous self..... my favorite part of the trip?  When we made it back to the harbor before the engine died again.

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