Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Very Merry Half Birthday!

Of all the times to have a birthday, I think the week before and after Christmas are the worst... With everyone so focused on the holiday no one has time and energy for birthdays!  And to make matters worse, Jason's birthday is already on December 30th.  So... I had the idea that I wanted to start celebrating Brad's birthday around his half birthday!  (Of course more than likely we'll still have a cake on his real birthday too but really will that be THAT bad?)  We decided to do a little party for Brad at my parents' house when Craig and Marcie and Sara and Nate were visiting along with Broc and Kim's family to make a real party!  

I love the idea of the tradition of making and decorating all of Brad's birthday cakes.  So I searched for something that he currently loves.  (If you remember I made Elmo for his birthday.)  Brad loves anything with wheels right now so I decided to make him a race track cake.  That way he'd also get some new hotwheels cars!

I was thinking of getting really fancy and making an overpass and a tunnel.... but I figured Brad would enjoy a trip to the Lake on the Hill more than me spending all day in the kitchen.  Also I thought it would be easy to find a nice black and white checkered material or scrapbook paper for the banner.... no.  One hard thing about small towns is you don't have many options.  So I made due with a black and white checkered handkerchief.  Anyway, that being said I think it turned out pretty cute!  One thing I am learning is although the road of the racetrack should probably be black I hate dying people's mouths with food coloring so I used chocolate instead.  And it was pretty darn tasty.  

Brad didn't necessarily love all the attention, but it was a great time.  

Brad hates sitting in high chairs, so he's doing anything he can to get out in this picture.

We love this little boy!

With the Cedar City wind the the candles magically went out as soon as we finished sing to him.  Yes, there are 1.5 candles on that cake.

Brad's other major obsession is the movie The Secret Life of Best.  Obsessed.  So we got him the main character Max.

And Max's "girlfriend" Gidget.
Yes he gave both dogs kisses when he opened them.  

Then the big present from Grandma.  
The toy that Brad has played with non stop since....

The little people car track!  He love love loves it.  

One morning after my run I walked in the kitchen to see this:
Grandma taking on both Max and Brad at the same time.  Superwoman.

And our best attempt at trying to take a picture of the three youngest Parson grand kids.

I went for a beautiful, hot run early on the 4th of July.  There is something special about the 4th in small towns.  I loved running down Main Street.

While Jason studied and Brad slept I went with the rest of the family to the parade.  Once again I loved the small town feel.

Then right as we had packed up all our stuff and were ready to hit the road and try and avoid the holiday traffic my dad asked us to come look at his painting one more time.  

And this concludes our summer vacation of 2017.

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