Monday, July 17, 2017

Boating - at least sometimes there is perfect lighting.

We'll for better and for worse, like I said, we've become boat people.  Boats are always drama and our trip after the "perfect" storm was no exception.  After a brutal day of school and studying Jason wanted to take the boat out just for an hour or so to relax.  Although Brad and I were a little hesitant after our last boating experience, we agreed to come along.  As soon as Jason put the boat into the water he tried to start the engine.  It wouldn't start.  So for the next hour mechanic Jason tried to fix the boat, while I did everything I could to entertain Brad.  

As you can tell he was clearly amused.  I also had a great time chatting with Bridget.  And eventually of course mechanic Jason got the boat running.  So of course we went out on the lake!  Nick did some wake boating but shortly after the boat died again.... So here is Nick and Jason working on the boat again.  This time in the middle of the lake.

Eventually they got the boat running again and off we went.  (Yes the boat died multiple more times during this trip.  And yes I was a nervous wreck the whole time wondering how in the world we were going to get off the lake if Jason couldn't get the engine going again.)  But for records sake I'll just show you the pictures. ;)

PG put up a huge flag in Grove Creek Canyon that I was shocked we could see from the lake!  (If you look at the picture and find the G on the mountain, look in the canyon to the left and you'll see the flag!)

My boat loving, wake board pro, mechanic of a husband.

At least the lighting was perfect.

But of course my nervous self..... my favorite part of the trip?  When we made it back to the harbor before the engine died again.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Trail Runs

If someone was to ask me what my favorite form of exercise is, the answer would be easy.  Ok.  That is a lie.  It is not easy at all.  There is something so satisfying about road biking to the top of a canyon and the wind blowing on your face as you go zipping down the road.  There is also something so unique about the unifying force of being in a a group fitness class.  As I have also talked about a million times before, there is no better, more enjoyable way to explore a new city than to run it.

But that being said.... trail running still might be my very favorite.  Taking on the different elements.  Jumping over rocks and dodging branches.  Seeing all of the beauty of a hike in a fraction of the time.  I absolutely love it.  I like trail running better than road running because it is way more exciting.  It is a lot softer on your body (most of the time) because you are running on dirt rather than pavement.  Another benefit is speed isn't as important because you are getting more of a workout from going up hills, jumping over things, and using your core muscles to keep you balanced.

I have finally convinced some of my favorite workout friends to join me on some trail runs.  There are 3 different runs I have done recently.

The first is closest for me, Corner Canyon.  The day before I had my surgery I did an awesome 10 mile run in Corner Canyon.

Provo Canyon will always be my favorite.  I have an awesome 10 mile loop that even includes 3 drinking fountains!

Because of the huge flag PG put up for the 4th of July, Heather and I decided we needed to run Clear Creek Canyon.  Heather heard we could run over to Battle Creek canyon and down.  Although the up and downs of the canyons were insanely steep and not conducive to running the middle part of the run was absolutely beautiful!

Why did I write this post today?  Because... sometimes I wake up at 4:00 am and I still have a hard time motivating myself to get out the door!  Time to hit the trail!


Jason has been having a difficult time sleeping with the stress of an insanely difficult test coming up so I decided to take Brad on my run so Jason could sleep in.  This was the view when we ran down to the river.
I had to smile.  This view right here is why I love it.  I love that running makes me get outside and enjoy a beautiful sunrise!  Just in case you are curious.... Brad and I ran 10 miles using our regular stroller.  (Our Bob running stroller keeps getting flats!)  Running that far with a stroller is not for the faint of heart!  Luckily my hands are tough so no blisters but still.  I should mention Brad love loves seeing all the birds, ducks, and doggies along the path.  He barks at them all.  And I did let him out at mile 8 for a 20 minute play time at the slides.  I got to stretch and drink water while he ran wild.  Those last time miles were probably more difficult though because my muscles had started to cool down and of course it doesn't help that they are pretty much straight up hill the whole way home.  But we did it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

18 Months

How do I describe life with Brad right now?  To be honest, every day is a roller coaster.  Every little thing he does makes me swell to the brim with love but sometimes it is just absolutely exhausting.  Yesterday was a very typical day in our life.
- Brad and I went for a walk.  He point out and barked at all the dogs.  He ate a vegetable pouch and blueberries along the trail.  He loves looking at everything but of course by the end begged to get out and run around.
- We went to a park.  Luckily we were the only people there so Brad ran wild.  He climbed right up to the tallest, fastest slide and went down it with hesitation.  Luckily I was there to grab him when he came shooting off the end.  
- He took a nap.  Well, I put him in his bed and he was supposed to take a nap.  I am afraid the days of two naps are coming to an end.  I hurried and mowed the lawn while he was supposed to be "napping".
- We went for a drive to pick up my prescription in Utah Valley.  We have quite the routine down when we drive.  When he wants something he holds out his hand and makes eye contact with me through his mirror and my rearview mirror.   I hand him a cracker or a toy or a sippy cup.  When he doesn't want it anymore he throws it.  We do this on repeat a thousand times until we finally get to our destination.
- We went to his 18 month check up appointment.  Cars was playing in the waiting room so Brad was perfectly happy to sit on my lap and watch.  I am also thrilled to report he did really well after his shot!
- Brad fell asleep in the car on the drive home so I transfered him to his bed and finally had some peace for an hour.  I made zucchini carrot muffins hoping Brad would eat them and he loves them!
- He woke up ready to party.  So we read books and played with cars until he got too bored.
- We went outside and "swam" in his kiddie pool.  I turned the hose on to a trickle and he loves playing with that almost as much as he likes his pool.  I smiled as I sat and watched him try and catch an elder bug.  It was too fast for him but he was persistent.  I like to turn on music while we are outside to keep us both entertained.  That was great until the moment I wasn't looking Brad grabbed the wireless speaker and threw it in the pool.  That ended our swimming time.
- We got dressed and went to the chiropractor.  I hurt my back on a hard trail run the other day.  Brad watched The Secret Life of Pets for a few minutes while I got worked on.  But most of the time he was trying to climb all over me, confused why this guy was cracking my back.
- We then went to the library to enjoy the air conditioned play area.  I don't know whether I should complain or be excited.  All of the sudden, literally the last day, Brad is completely attached to me.  He would not leave my lap at the library.  I am afraid he is traumatized from the 2 times I took him to the gym daycare or nursery last week.  So we sat and watched the other kids play with all the cool toys at the library.
- Brad loves to play in the car.  He loves to pretend like he is driving, push all the buttons, explore and find anything that's been left behind.  So that is what we did when we came home from the library.   
- We went inside about 4:30 and I was absolutely exhausted.   I was thrilled that Daddy should be home soon for a dinner break so I turned on Sesame Street to appease us both until Jason got home.  Sadly Daddy didn't come home until almost 6 so both Brad and I were climbing up the walls by that point.  
- We ate dinner and Daddy took him out on the swing or the "weeee" as Brad calls it.
- Dad left to study and Brad was ready to party once again so we went back outside and swam again.
- We ended the day by trying to watch some of Peter Pan.  Brad was terrified of Captain Hook.  So I had to fast forward most of the movie.
- By 8:30 Brad was begging to go "nigh night".  I try and keep him awake until 9 so that he'll sleep in more in the morning.  But I was exhausted and one cannot complain when one's baby begs to go to sleep.  So off to sleep he went.  And I was close to follow.

And here I am at 5 AM enjoying my one real time of peace and quiet of the day before I have to start this circus of entertaining all over again.  The craziest part?  Right now I miss him so much I almost want to go wake him up just to be with him..... almost.  

Things about Brad at 18 months:
Eats like a bird.  Getting pickier with eating but loves bananas, couscous, and oatmeal. Luckily still eats at least 2 veggie pouches a day.

Obsessed with dogs so his favorite movie - The Secret Life of Pets.  Absolutely loves the beginning of it. Gets scared when Duke the dog comes in the movie. If he's holding the phone watching it, he turns it off. If he is watching it on the big tv he'll get off the couch and play or run on my lap. 

Has been shocking us with all his words. Most recently he begs to go "nigh nigh" when he's tired, also begs to go "buh bye" to go outside or hands me his "shoooos". Other favorite words right now are 'nana, baby, boa (boat), and if prompted will tell you who Jesus is. If he can't get down from something he says, "Stuck."

Started going to the nursery. I stay in there with him but he'd be fine if I left (Until last Sunday.... now he has to be held or he cries!)

We decided it's time to crack down at church. No more running around during sacrament. He sits on the bench or in our laps. If he is noisy I take him in he hall and he has to sit on my lap with no toys. He screams and when he calms down we go back into sacrament and he's great.

He loves to dance and run everywhere.  Especially if there is some type of stage he can climb up onto.  He loves to dance on tables or fire places or any higher flat surface.

Explores everything.  His nickname is the Tasmanian Devil and he lives up to his name. No rock can go unturned, no cupboard unexplored but of course we wouldn't have it any other way.

Cutest darn kid.

18 month old stats:
Weight: 22.2 pounds 22%
Length: 32.25 inches 43%
Head Circumference:  48.5 cm 79%

Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Very Merry Half Birthday!

Of all the times to have a birthday, I think the week before and after Christmas are the worst... With everyone so focused on the holiday no one has time and energy for birthdays!  And to make matters worse, Jason's birthday is already on December 30th.  So... I had the idea that I wanted to start celebrating Brad's birthday around his half birthday!  (Of course more than likely we'll still have a cake on his real birthday too but really will that be THAT bad?)  We decided to do a little party for Brad at my parents' house when Craig and Marcie and Sara and Nate were visiting along with Broc and Kim's family to make a real party!  

I love the idea of the tradition of making and decorating all of Brad's birthday cakes.  So I searched for something that he currently loves.  (If you remember I made Elmo for his birthday.)  Brad loves anything with wheels right now so I decided to make him a race track cake.  That way he'd also get some new hotwheels cars!

I was thinking of getting really fancy and making an overpass and a tunnel.... but I figured Brad would enjoy a trip to the Lake on the Hill more than me spending all day in the kitchen.  Also I thought it would be easy to find a nice black and white checkered material or scrapbook paper for the banner.... no.  One hard thing about small towns is you don't have many options.  So I made due with a black and white checkered handkerchief.  Anyway, that being said I think it turned out pretty cute!  One thing I am learning is although the road of the racetrack should probably be black I hate dying people's mouths with food coloring so I used chocolate instead.  And it was pretty darn tasty.  

Brad didn't necessarily love all the attention, but it was a great time.  

Brad hates sitting in high chairs, so he's doing anything he can to get out in this picture.

We love this little boy!

With the Cedar City wind the the candles magically went out as soon as we finished sing to him.  Yes, there are 1.5 candles on that cake.

Brad's other major obsession is the movie The Secret Life of Best.  Obsessed.  So we got him the main character Max.

And Max's "girlfriend" Gidget.
Yes he gave both dogs kisses when he opened them.  

Then the big present from Grandma.  
The toy that Brad has played with non stop since....

The little people car track!  He love love loves it.  

One morning after my run I walked in the kitchen to see this:
Grandma taking on both Max and Brad at the same time.  Superwoman.

And our best attempt at trying to take a picture of the three youngest Parson grand kids.

I went for a beautiful, hot run early on the 4th of July.  There is something special about the 4th in small towns.  I loved running down Main Street.

While Jason studied and Brad slept I went with the rest of the family to the parade.  Once again I loved the small town feel.

Then right as we had packed up all our stuff and were ready to hit the road and try and avoid the holiday traffic my dad asked us to come look at his painting one more time.  

And this concludes our summer vacation of 2017.