Thursday, June 1, 2017

Plans for the Summer of 2017

Well I guess I should make the announcement.  I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat wondering....

Every summer since 2007 I made an announcement of the fun things I had planned for the summer.   Let's do a review just for fun....

The Summer of 2007 or the Wanna Be Door to Door Sales Girl. (Atlanta to Annapolis)

The Summer of 2008 or the Raw Foodist that realized she HATES statistics. (BYU Masters)

The Summer of 2009 or the (500) Days of Shane.

The Summer of 2010 or The Introduction to Chi Town.

The Summer of 2011 or Lovin' in Los Angeles.

The Summer of 2012 or Cruising around the Mediterranean while my heart was in Provo.

The Summer of 2013 or Livin' off Love - the return of the Student Life Style.

The Summer of 2014 or Red Rocks, Rock Climbs, and Dixie.

The Summer of 2015 or both Jason and I living out our dreams in California!.... him as a dentist and me at Disneyland!!!

And of course the most epic of them all....
Summer of 2016 - the summer of Europe.

Which brings us to the Summer of 2017.
Jason is in clinic.  Which should mean SMOOTH sailing as far as Dental School goes... For most dental students the last two years of dental school is awesome.  They go into work every day at 8ish and come home around 5ish.  No more studying.  No more tests.  Just working and practicing to be a dentist.

But of course we can never take the easy way....  Jason is considering specializing.  What does that mean?  He has to take a test that is equivalent to the boards Med students take after their first 2 years of Med school.  What does that mean?  In Jason's free time, so from 5:30-10 every night and every Saturday Jason has to learn all the material covered in Med school.

Yes this sucks for all of us but we are so excited about the opportunities this could mean for Jason and our future. So.... the summer of 2017?  It'll be me and Brad conquering Salt Lake Valley and the surrounding lands.  There will be lots of stroller runs, swimming in our "pool", trips to the library and the park, and hikes in our new baby backpack.  Oh and hopefully stealing Daddy away every once in a while to go out on the boat. Although my heart hurts a little bit, yearning to go out and adventure, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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