Friday, June 30, 2017

Complacency. There are no atheists in foxholes.

It's when crap hits the fan that we remember what really matters.  And last night, when crap hit the fan, I remembered.  Although if I could go back and change the course of last night I would in a heart beat, now that it's over I can look back and be very grateful for the experience.  I am so grateful for the experience because it puts life in perspective when so often it is easy to become complacent.  It's easy to get caught up in the rat race of every day life.  It's easy to forget.  And then crap hits the fan.

But I should probably back up and tell the story so the previous paragraph makes sense.

To celebrate Jason's rockstar score on his super duper hard pharmacology test he took, we invited Nick, Jason's study partner, his wife Bridget, and Jason's little brother and wife Jared and Ali to go boating with us after work. We went to a different lake than we've ever been to up Parley's Canyon called Rockport.  It was kinda a fiasco to get there.  The rush hour traffic took us long than expected, pulling a boat up Parley's Canyon was a struggle, and getting to the boat dock at Rockport took forever.  Long story short, when we thought our boating outing would start at like 5:30 we didn't get on the lake until about 7.  As we were driving up to Rockport I was looking on Instagram and started to see all sorts of stories from people southwest of us talking about a gnarly crazy wind/lightening/downpour storm.  As I saw the videos of the storm I started to get really nervous but of course I am a nervous person and tried to downplay my real feelings.  By the time we started to even put the boat into the water there was lightening in the sky.  (If I had it my way we would have just turned around right that second and headed out.  But I am a party pooper when it comes to danger so I tried to bite my tongue.)  I felt bad that we had dragged 4 people up to this lake, Bridget and Nick even had to get a babysitter for their 4 month old.  So I figured we had to at least TRY to get on the water.  So we pulled out of the boat dock (No harbor at all) and went on our way.  Jason and Nick were super excited to try out this new device they got so our boat could make a wake surf.  It worked!  Nick and Jason were so excited.  Nick decided he would go first.  He got up on the wake surf as the wind started blowing super hard.  Everyone was excitedly watching Nick as I was watching the storm.

Once Nick fell, everyone else started to realize how bad the storm was.  It was a huge challenge for us to even get the boat to Nick to pull him out of the water.  At this point I made the executive decision that we needed to head straight back to the boat ramp.  At this point the storm was upon us.  Luckily there was very few raindrops but the wind was strong.  The waves were starting to get super big.  We were able to pull up to the dock long enough for Jared to jump off the boat to go get the trailer.

This is when the real fun began.  The waves were about 4 feet high and were pushing us into the rocky shore.  Jason had to keep trying to drive the boat farther out into the lake so we didn't crash into the rocks.  Huge waves would cash down on us soaking everyone including Brad and me huddled underneath the dashboard in the boat.  Jason was trying frantically to just keep the boat at an angle so we didn't capsize, our boat was filling with water, and we had to scream to be heard over the wind.  I just rocked Brad back and forth as I sang Primary songs into his ear.  I have to say right now Brad was an absolute champion.  Absolute Champion.  The only time he screamed out crying was when the waves directly hit our face.  The rest of the time he just whimpered as I held him in my arms.

I on the other hand was about to absolutely lose it.  At one time as the boat swayed up and down over a huge wave I was literally considering jumping out with Brad.  (Yes crazy mom.)  Jason pushed me down and yelled that we would be okay.  We watched as another boat that was also in the water tried to put their $100,00 boat on their trailer damaging it because they couldn't control the boat due to the wind and waves.  The waves were too big to get our boat on the trailer, the waves and wind were too strong to pull the boat to the dock, we just had to hunker down and wait.  With every wave that crashed into us I just held Brad tighter and wondered what in the world we had gotten ourselves into.

Although I don't wish to be in that experience again, and I don't wish it upon anyone, especially a mom holding her baby... I am so grateful for that moment.  It reminds me of the saying, "There are no atheists in foxholes."

I was so grateful that I felt I could pray to God and He would help us. And every once in a while I think it is so good for us to be in that type of position. A position where we are scared out of our mind and have no where to turn but to Him.  It's good to remember what we are fighting for in this life.  Why we are trying to be good.  Why we are trying to keep the commandments.  So when a time like this comes we can confidently turn to Him and feel His support.  It reminded me why I want to be on His side.

Jason was worried about how much weight was on the boat with the added water, so he decided that we should try and get someone off the boat.  Obviously Brad and I were the last people he wanted to get off because it would be quite the feat jumping from the boat to the dock in the waves and the wind so he told Ali to get ready, he was going to get as near to the dock as possible.  When I saw there was a huge chance that someone was getting off that boat at that moment, I held tight to Brad, stood up, without consulting anyone, scrambled up to the front of the boat, and when he got close, I pushed Ali out of the way and jumped right off.  I didn't even think twice about it. I just held on tight to Brad and jumped.  (Luckily Ali is an absolute sweetheart and has forgiven me for doing something so selfish.)

I have never been so excited to be off the water.

As soon as I got into the car with Jared, I just burst into tears.  I was shaking uncontrollably. Like I said.  I was a wreck.

Luckily for all of us, the storm passed over us almost as quickly as it came.  Within a half hour the lake had calmed down and Jason was able to get the boat on the trailer as the sun was setting.    

And we all survived.  These sweet girls survived too.  (Yes, looking at the water you would have no idea that only minutes before the perfect storm almost ate us for dinner.)

Sweet Ali with Brad the champion.

And the whole crew.  It's crazy how after you go through an experience like that with people, you are totally bonded in a different way.  

And we learned our lesson.  Jason said he'd never seen a lake like that before in all his years of boating.  And hopefully we will never see it like that again.  From now on, I will be the wimpy, whiny Mom that says when it is stormy we should stay on firm ground. :)

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