Friday, May 26, 2017

The Boat

There are two types of people in this world.  Boat people and not boat people.  I could even make this genres larger by calling it "Toys" people and not "Toys" people.  I grew up in a family of a not "toys" family.  Why?  Because "Toys" are work.  And not to say my family is lazy by any means.... but some could characterize us as sloths....

Toys are work, they are stress, ESPECIALLY for people like my family that aren't mechanically oriented.  You want us to talk art, philosophy, history, science, and sports we are champions.  I guarantee it would be darn near impossible to find a family that could beat us in Trivial Pursuit.  But ask us to fix any mechanical thing..... we are dead.  Seriously dead.

I married the king of the Toy world.  And as much as my family doesn't understand him and that concept, he is equally confused by us.

But we, my whole family, are so grateful he is around.  And that he is so different from us.

So a few months ago my dear second cousin, can we just call her my cousin?  My dear cousin Laura came over for dinner.  She told us how excited she is that she bought half of her dad's boat.  She is a huge "toy" person too.  So she was super pumped to have a boat and get to start boating in Utah.  Of course Jason was thrilled about the idea of us finally really knowing a "Toy" person.  (because obviously I am not one, and don't even know any)

Well comes to find out the engine of this boat seized on it's last trip to Lake Powell.  The entire engine needed to be replaced.  This would take a ridiculous amount of hours and thousands of dollars if a boat mechanic did the work.  In steps Jason.

I mean hey, it's not like Jason doesn't have a million more pressing engagements....

But Jason volunteered.

Yes, Jason bought a used Chevy pickup truck engine in Cleveland off Ebay, had it shipped to our house, used a deer lever thing to hoist the old engine out of the boat in our garage, and completely replaced an entire engine in a ski boat.

Yes, this took almost the entire winter.

Yes, sometimes I was frustrated when Brad and I hadn't seen Jason all day and then he spent all night working on the boat.

But here is the most insane thing.  HE GOT IT TO WORK!

Jason single handedly did it all.  Well of course with the help of Youtube and a few calls to my long lost great uncle that lives in the middle of the desert Nevada.

He did it.

We thought Brad would love it!  The excitement of something new, all the new toys!

So one pretty cold and VERY windy Saturday we decided to give the boat a try.  Of course we had no intentions of actually getting into the water, Jason was excited to see if the boat worked!

Of course Jason is going to make me a "toy" person whether I want to or not.... I am learning to back up trailers... (insert eye roll emoji here.)

Something we probably didn't take into account well enough is.... Brad hates any type of restriction whatsoever.  We hoped that the excitement of the boat and the water and the new scenery would distract him from the huge awful life jacket.....  no such luck.

It was full on tears almost the entire ride.  Even through the binkie.

By the end he calmed down a little.... well when the motor was turned off.

I'll tell you what, Timp rocks my world every time.  I love that mountain.

We were hoping that Brad's hate for his lifejacket was drastically increased because of his coat and the cold water hitting him in the face through the wind.  So we had high hopes the next time we took the boat out.  It was a beautiful warm evening after school.  We brought Jason's study buddy friend with us so they could wake board.

But as soon as the boat started Brad lost it.  Cried the entire time the motor was on.... so I wrangled the flag and a screaming toddler for 90 minutes..... sounds like a blast right? (You wanna come with us next time? ;)

But they did has a blast and every time I am surprised when I see Jason wakeboard.  It's like he's a fish that finally got back in the water.  Is that how the saying goes?

Oddly enough the only time Brad wouldn't cry was when Jason held him while he drove the boat. 

But it was a beautiful night, and there is just something about a beautiful sunny day on the water with the smell of boat exhausted that makes me excited about summer... maybe one of these days I'll confess to Jason that I have never even attempted to wakeboard before.  Never.  Seriously.  Remember, we aren't "toy" people.  So when I finally did go out on boats with people, I didn't want to waste their time and my humiliation to try and learn.  So maybe this summer will be the time.  But who knows, maybe not.  Maybe I'll just stay content being the flag girl. 

But here we go........ the start of our journey as boat people.

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