Friday, May 5, 2017

Brad's life at almost 16 months.

We take lots of pictures.  It's the world that we live in.  Almost too many pictures, too many videos.  So I am going to try and use words.  Make sure we don't forget how wonderful and beautiful and at times hard it is to have an almost 16 month old.

We are trying to give up the bottle.  Well, we have given up the bottle.  But Brad has had a difficult time completely switching over to sippy cups.  He won't drink out of them if they have a hard top.  So pretty much he still have a bottle... baby steps.  He probably also drinks too much milk and not enough food.  But baby steps, once again.  It's just hard to give up the snuggles of the morning as he sleepily drinks he milk.

If I was to try and describe Brad at this age it would be to say, he doesn't stop moving.  He loves to explore anything and everything.  If there is something new or different in the room he is all over it in two seconds flat.  Luckily he is finally starting to get over the put everything in his mouth every second.  Now it's every other second, but it's a start.  But here is an example of his exploring. 
We put this bookshelf in so we could have another place high enough for Brad to not reach.  Of course right after we put it in, Brad figured out how to climb on the couch, to the end table, to the shelf.  (Don't worry that end table is now gone so Brad can't hang out on that ledge any more)

I just loved this picture.

I think it must be a term my mom came up with, a nudelette.  (Nude - el - ette).  It means a young baby in the nude.  And Brad loves to be one.  His absolute favorite.  If he is every cranky all one must do is take off all his clothes and he will be extremely happy. 
Some of the least exposing of the pictures I have of Brad as a nudelette.
I should probably be a little ashamed to admit but anyone that knows about my skin condition will understand.  Brad doesn't take baths very often.  Maybe once a week.  His skin, hopefully, isn't as dry as mine but he has eczema all over his legs.  So we try not to bath him very often.  So he is probably the only 15 month in all of America that still cries every time we get his head wet because it doesn't happen very often. 
He is getting my curious about the world around him, if that was possible.  Every day around 5:00 he gets up on the couch and watches out the window waiting for Dad to come take his dinner break from school.

Two of his favorite foods.  Just kidding.  *inside joke from my childhood.  I grew up loving to eat non food items like lotion.  So I was a little concerned when I saw Brad trying to eat the lotion.  But the next picture, him with a vegetable pouch, once again best invention ever.  This picture was taken to send to Franci as Brad and I waiting to get his 15 month shots.

On the drive home from the doctors office, Brad started screaming.  (Never happens, he usually loves riding in the car and just watching the world go by.)  So I pulled over to see this. 
Gross I know, sorry.  But that face!!!!  He was so confused what happened!
So we spent the rest of that day cleaning up throw up... it was pretty awful. 
Another picture from throw up day.  He has learned to love drinking whatever is in my cup.  A couple of times he accidentally tasted some of my caffeine.  Opps.  But he loves it even if it's just water. 

The pediatrician suggested that we need to get Brad some type of comfort blanket, especially because I am a working mom.  (I won't tell you how the pediatrician tried to make me feel bad about being a working mom.  It was terrible.)  Anyway.  I tried to tell the Dr Brad already has a "comfort blanket."  Whenever Brad gets sleepy, he goes through our drawers and finds silky feeling clothes and carries them around.  Or in the case of these pictures, sometimes it's my bra, or in this picture on the right, he is wearing the underwear as a cape!
Or in the picture on the left, he just laid down on my underwear to feel the silkiness on his face, but usually it is like the picture on the right.  Walking around with silkiness on his face.  *Yes, we are trying to get him an actual blanket that's appropriate.  My first attempt, the material wasn't silky enough. 

We didn't have any type of toy box so I started putting Brad's toys in a box from Costco.  He loves it.  It's like his own little play pen.  All the time we will find him sitting in the box playing with his toys.

Just a couple of pictures of sweet Brad when he wants to rest his head and snuggle.

I find this hilarious.  Brad can't go to nursery until he is 18 months.  Lots of parents have to worry about their kid not wanting to go to nursery.  Often times 18 month olds cry the whole time.  Brad can't wait to get in there.

Some pictures from Easter.

Brad went with me on my 8 miler run the other Saturday.  I love taking him because it is a beautiful run.  He loves seeing all the dogs.  He always barks at them.  But more often than not, in the end he always falls asleep.

Last Saturday after our run we spent quite a bit of time in the yard pulling weeds.  Although it was pretty cold and I thought the hood of his coat would protect him from the sun.... he still got a bit of a sunburn.  Bad mom. 

Just a few more precious pictures.

Brad caught a virus the other day.  The only way I could get him to stop crying at 4 am was to watch Elmo.  It was the first time I have shown him Elmo on TV. (He loves the Tickle Me Elmo doll at Grandmas.)  He laughed every time Elmo laughed.

We finally got Brad a new swing for the tree in our backyard.  As you can tell.... Brad is quite happy about it.
This next picture I thought might be of interesting to anyone with kids.  This is how dental students are taught to brush little kids teeth at home.
This is Brad's favorite little cubby hole. I am not quite sure why he loves it so much.  We call it his Harry Potter Hangout. 

I was trying to weed the front yard on Saturday while Jason was working in the garage.  Neither places were safe for Brad to roam freely.  We live on a seriously busy (4 lane 45 mph speed limit) road.  Brad loves to make a mad dash for the road any time he is free.  Luckily it is a little bit of a hill to get up to the road which slows him down, but still.  Terrifying.  Jason has even had to wake me up in a night terror screaming, "Where's Brad?" because in my dream he was going out into the road.  It's awful.  But anyway.  I only tell you how terrible to justify this next picture.  Our attempt to let Brad play in our front yard while I weed.

Jason was so excited to take  Brad to a car show.  Clearly Brad was very into it.  

And lastly, this little boy as always just melts our hearts every single second of every single day. 

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