Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring Break 2017 - Who needs sunshine when you have an Erica?

When I was trying to decide what I wanted from my birthday one thing popped out almost immediately!  Visiting Denver!  Frontier airlines now has a dirt cheap flight from SLC to Denver and Erica moved there last October and Craig will be moving from there soon so I thought this was the perfect birthday present to myself!  Brad has been such a perfect travel companion so I figured we should go for Spring Break!  

I don't think I thought much about what I would do with an almost 15 month old baby on the flight... the closer it got to take off time I was starting to get a little nervous.  Brad doesn't sit still... ever.  Well except when he is sleeping.  And he doesn't fall asleep in our arms anymore.  I will admit I probably had more anxiety for this flight than flying to Europe.  (Probably some of my anxiety is because of the last time Brad and I tried to fly without Jason.  Kinda a disaster)  Anyway, my dear cousin Alina drove me to the airport (because Jason had a huge test and there was no way I was going to try and park at the airport and take the shuttle.  Like I said too much anxiety)

Anyway, we probably got to the airport WAY too early, but we didn't mind.  I got a picture standing in our long line.  Yes, Brad's expression says it all.  He was a little nervous too.  

But of course he soon forgot and fell asleep.

So I walked up and down each of Salt Lake Airport's terminals while Brad slept.  I sure love people watching in airports.  Such interesting people in this world.  AND I was amazing at ALL the delicious restaurants at the airport!  Seriously, I had no idea!  I wasn't too hungry because anxiety.  But I made myself eat a taco at Cafe Rio (of course Brad woke up to FREE MEAL) and then Brad and I shared a Pinkberry Frozen yogurt.

Brad didn't like riding the normal way in his carseat/stroller like he had all through Europe.  He wants to see everything now.  So I called this his chariot.

A few selfies on our flight.

I should have got a picture with the angel that sat next to us on the plane.  She is majoring at BYU-Idaho in Child Development so she was happy to help with Brad.  (She was even the one that get scolded by the people in front of us that were trying to sleep when Brad was pulling down the tray on the back of the chair)

We had a wonderful conversation talking about her wedding on Saturday and we eventually talked about where she was from in the Denver area.  She is the daughter of Craig and Marcie's bishop in Lone Tree.  She said, "As soon as I saw Brad I thought of Marcie's little boy!  But I thought there was no way you guys could actually be related"  How crazy is that???  Huge compliment to Brad if people think he looks like Max!(The model child of all model babies)

My mom asked me what Erica and I did while I was there.  I had to laugh.  First off, this is what it looked like outside.  (Which is hilarious because the 10 days previous to my visit and the 10 after my visit are beautiful sunny 65 degree weather)
But Erica and I didn't mind one bit.  Our time together is one long discussion that is only interrupted by food, sleep, and kids.  I love exploring things with Erica.  I love discussing ideas.  She always has a different perspective and I always love to hear her thoughts.

Erica knows how much I love lavender.  By her parents' home in Idaho there is a beautiful lavender farm she bought special lavender for us to make lavender French Macarons.  In case you didn't know, it is quite the art to perfect.  Macarons that is.

The lavender that Erica infused in powdered sugar for months to prep for the bake off!

Here are some of the artsier macarons waiting to back.   (You have to let them set before you can bake them.  or so the hundreds of youtube tutorials say)

"Our feet" spread a little too much but man oh man oh man were they delicious!  Especially the next day, these cookies were in my top 3 favorite deserts of all time.  
(Only behind a cannoli from Sicily and lavender gelato in Florence)

Anyway, enough about macarons.  Craig is doing a Trama rotation right now so I knew there was a chance I might not get to see his family.  But luckily he got off early and Craig, Marcie and Max got to come visit!  I maybe have done a lousy job taking pictures of adults this WHOLE trip but at least I did got one of these two.  I really do hope they grow up to be the best of friends.

The next morning Golden Colorado explained it's name to me....
But technically Erica doesn't live in Golden, although her address says she does (weird.)  So Erica decided she needed to take me to Golden!  Oh but first just some pictures of Brad.  He was carrying around this button from Disneyland.  I think it is a sign...  And he wanted to go out and play in the snow so badly!

Oh blossoms and snow......
We went and did the riverwalk in Golden.  It reminded me a lot of Cedar City's Mainstreet with statues on every corner and darling little shops.  Although Golden's was a bit cooler with a river and a most cowboy feel.

So although I didn't get a picture of Erica and her darling boys or her husband Mark that came home a couple hours before I had to leave from a work trip to Houston, it was a wonderful trip and I love them all dearly.  

That being said, next time I think it is a good idea to take a 15 months old on an airplane by myself, remind me that it probably isn't a very good idea.  At least until he can sit and watch a movie for at least 20 minutes... or even 10 would be nice.

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