Monday, April 24, 2017


As I was reading through my journals from my early years a common theme I had completely forgotten about was sports.  From the age of 6 to 17 my free time consisted of 4 things: church, friends, Saved by the Bell, and sports.

It's crazy to think about now because it's so little of my existence now. (Well organized team sports that is) Especially since marrying Jason, sports in any form is not really a part of our life.  I can't even tell you who is playing in the Final Four!  (And I LOVE college basketball, especially March Madness!)  I love to quiz Jason on Superbowl Sunday who is playing every year.  He never knows.  And honestly, I don't mind one bit.

But I thought it would be fun to do a post on my years of sports.  But actually, I didn't start in sports.  I started in dance.  Here is me riding in a parade with my dance team, The Super Steppers!

But dance was very short lived.  Kinda feel bad about that, I might have miss my calling in life to be a professional dancer.  Oh well.  

From the age of 6-14 I played soccer, basketball, and softball. I couldn't chose between these two pictures, I think I was darling!!!

I stopped playing soccer when we moved to Cedar and they didn't have city league soccer.  So from then on I just played softball and basketball.

This was probably the summer after 7th grade when I dyed by hair pink? Who knows.
The highlight of my 8th grade year was when I made the 8th grade all-star basketball team.  This team started after our regular season and started practicing after school and playing against all of the other 8th grade teams around southern Utah.  I loved it.

And then my freshman year we had volleyball tryouts.  My whole life I had felt like I had been hiding in my old sister Sara's shadow.  She was so good at anything and everything.  4.0, artist, could 'run like a gazelle', you name it she could do it.   Anyway, the best moment of my life up to that point was when I was told I made the JV and Sophomore volleyball team as a freshman.  This was such a highlight because Sara had only played freshman volleyball as a freshman.  For once I had done something better than Sara!  It was huge.

The JV team my freshman year of high school.
I also moved up in basketball, starting sophomore basketball and playing JV.  
After my sophomore year of basketball I decided I was done with basketball but kept playing volleyball all 4 years.

All of the seniors our last season of volleyball.

All the time parents ask me advice on how to get their kid through junior high/high school unscathed.  Although I can't promise them anything, these years are rough!  But my one piece of advice is, get them a place to belong.  It doesn't necessarily matter where it is, the basketball court, the drama stage, the choir room, it doesn't matter.  Find a place where they can belong, work hard, and feel a part of something.  This will give them a place to learn and grow but feel like they aren't alone.  Although at Cedar High we rarely won any games.  (we were up against larger school with a lot more practice and club experience)   I learned a lot of lessons in that gym.  I learned how to handle physical pain.  I learned how to stick with something even when it gets hard.  I am so grateful that through those scary years of my life, I had a place to go and people who were apart of my team.

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