Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My thought on Physicians.

It's an interesting thing being surrounded by a family of so many doctors.  I took Brad to get his 15 month immunization shots yesterday and I saw a different pediatrician than normal.  (Which made me sad because I LOVE Brad's pediatrician but oh well)

I don't remember exactly why or how it came up but somehow he asked about my siblings, oh maybe because he asked about my work and asked if all my family are teachers.  I don't remember.  But I smiled and said, "One is an educator, but now I come from a family of physicians... literally."  He asked their specialties and I gave a quick rundown.  Of course he was shocked.   But it is probably because of my experience watching my husband, all my siblings and spouses become doctor that I have two very strong opinions about them.

1. I have the most absolute respect for them all.  Anyone that will put that much time and effort and sacrifice into a profession is awesome.  They deserve to be respected.  And in my humble opinion they deserve every penny they earn.

2.  I know they are only human.  I don't think they are super human.  I don't think they are all knowing.  I know they are not experts at all things and at the end of the day, the buck doesn't stop with them, it stops with me.  I think this is a very very very important thing that everyone should know.  I think this should be posted on a big sign at every physicians office.  I think that if everyone had this opinion or understood (in my opinion) this is a fact, there could be a lot less law suits.

Which brings me to the reason for my soap box today.

I feel I should update any readers on my drama called infertility.

I tried to get pregnant for 2 years and then tried fertility drugs and that roller coaster of hormones didn't work.  So if you remember I had surgery to burn off some endometriosis in January 2015.  By a total strike of luck, I had the best surgeon in the world.  I will call him Rudy.  And I adored him.  And I was the perfect textbook case of endometriosis.  Within 3 months post surgery, I was pregnant.

So after having Brad and certainly not getting any younger, when we didn't get pregnant right away I figured surgery again was the next step.  Since we live in Salt Lake now, I figured I should go to the same OBGYN clinic as before but visit the American Fork office by my school rather than travel down to the clinic in Provo.  They scheduled a consolation with a surgeon.

I met with the surgeon and explained my situation.  I assumed because he worked at the same clinic he would talk to the previous surgeon or at least look at my charts.  He said I shouldn't consider having the surgery again.  I should just have an HSG procedure done.  (They shoot dye up your fallopian tubes and for some reason it increases fertility)  The surgeon explained this is not covered by insurance so I should call around and find the cheapest place to have this procedure done.)  So I did.  $500 later, I had a very incompetent grumpy old radiologist perform this procedure and was told my fallopian tubes were blocked.  Because my body is a bit abnormal the procedure wasn't performed as easy as usual so I didn't trust this diagnosis.  But I figured my surgeon was my advocate and I would trust him to look at my situation and decide what is best for me.  Whether my surgeon actually looked at my charts I have no idea.  I called multiple times (on hold for hours) and talked to multiple nurses and each time the surgeon told the nurses that I should just go to the Fertility Clinic to get IVF.

So I called the Fertility Clinic and scheduled a consolation at the earliest time possible (3 weeks out) but I still didn't feel good about it.  I knew even a consolation at the Fertility Clinic would cost me hundreds of dollars. I felt like I should talk to the surgeon again.  I didn't trust the HSG procedure.  I didn't think it was an accurate description of what was going on in my body.

Finally I called the OBGYN one more time and try and plead my case and while talking to a nurse a final time, I said, "Do you think it would be beneficial for me to call my previous surgeon and get his opinion?"  She said, "I think that is a great idea."  I was very frustrated by this because I thought my current surgeon was my advocate and would have done this, or at least LOOKED at my charts.  I figured my previous surgeon wouldn't remember me or my case and would be confused why I hadn't just come in to visit him in the first place.  So why would he answer my questions over the phone?

This is where the story turns positive (in case you were afraid this was going to just be a terrible negative rant)

I called the Provo clinic and left a message with my previous surgeon "Rudy"'s nurse.  I never heard back from them so I figured it was a lost cause and I should just buck up and be prepared to pay $20,000 for another baby.

Yesterday I got a called from "Rudy" WHILE HE WAS ON VACATION.  Long story short, he said exactly what I had been feeling all along.  He doesn't believe my fallopian tubes are really blocked.  He was shocked that the other surgeon had me pay for an HSG procedure out of pocket.  (He tried to hide his shock because he's a rockstar good nice guy)  He said, "I think our best option is to do again what worked last time."  This is when the tears started flowing.  (I'm sure he is used to this.  He deals with hormonal women all day everyday)  But this is exactly what I had been feeling all along. So wonderful news is: I will be having the same surgery I had 2 years ago.  Insurance will cover the procedure.  And I am reminded again how wonderful some doctors are.  And I am also reminded that I am in charge of my health.  And it is my responsibility to be my own advocate.

I was so excited to cancel my hundreds of dollars appointment at the Fertility Clinic and so excited about the thoughts of not having to spend $20,000 on IVF.

But who knows.  It might still have to happen.  But for now, I am so grateful for a wonderful surgeon who cared enough about me and my situation to call me while golfing on vacation.

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