Monday, April 10, 2017

15 months

Although it didn't happen on his exact 15 months birthday, thanks to the throw ups.... We finally did take some pictures of Brad at 15 months.  I asked Jason last night, "What do you think, is he at his cutest stage yet?"  And I think the answer is yes.  (Although I think as parents we think every stage is the cutest so far)

A little bit about Brad at 15 months.
He started waving and saying "buh bye"
He loves to carry around any silky clothing item so he'll dig through the laundry to find anything silky feeling to hold.
He is constantly going and exploring.  Recently he has started climbing things (here we go....)  So like I'll find him stuck trying to scale the baby gate or pushing stuff up to a table to try and climb on top of it to get to things on top of the table.
He loves to read books so he'll grab and book and bring it to us to read.  He can copy my sounds for cows, dogs, monkeys, and roosters.
Whenever he sees a dog he barks.  So in the airport all of the sudden Brad barked and I looked around and saw a security dog.
He claps anytime he has done something he feels needs to be celebrated.  So if he matches a puzzle he claps or when he thinks a book should be finished he claps.
He has lots of teeth, I think 2-3 molars are coming in.
He finally has graduated to size 4 shoes.  (It has been a real challenge trying to find hard soled shoes)
And of course he just melts our hearts every minute.

This is the face he made when I pulled out his stuffed doggie.

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