Sunday, March 19, 2017

It's Your Birthday, Shout Hooray!

 It's a wonderful thing how our lives change and evolve.  Hopefully always for the better.  As I went to bed Thursday night, at my usual 8:30 (thank goodness for Spring Forward!!! Going to bed at 7:30 is a bit ridiculous) I smiled and thought of the time of life when I couldn't sleep because I was so excited for my birthday.  I am glad those days are gone, sleep is the best!  But I am also grateful that I am at the point in my life where I don't need a lot of love and attention on my birthday because I feel so much love all the time.

But that being said, somethings happened recently that made me a bit insecure and beating myself up quite a bit.  So I was really grateful for the extra bit of love.  It was really a wonderful day.

When I got to the school at 6 am (to do my workout in the gym) I walked into my classroom to find this:

Birthday cards from hundreds of students.  So so sweet.

After my workout I went back to my classroom to find this: 
and this:

Here is all my loot from my dear friends and yearbook staff!
It includes:
13 different kinds of bubble gum!!!
2 vases of tulips!
Diet Coke and candy bars,
A whole basket full of tomato themed goodies!
Sugar scrub and English chocolate (from my British friend)
More Chocolate bars
and then in a few that need a closer look from my students:

The mug drawn by one of my sweet yearbook staff/students says, "Changing the world one child at a time"

And the card that went with the tomato themed present from Joan!!!

I need to add another card that Joan made me last week.... She is amazing!!!

I felt so so so much love.  School and birthdays is the best.

When I got home from school we went to Cheesecake Factory to use a giftcard we've had for months.

Brad was ready for a nap so he snuggled.... best present ever.

Happy birthday to me!
Not pictured: a celebration the next day at Alina's house with Aunt Raine.  Of course she made a delicious dinner of tri-tip and the huge Costco cake!

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