Monday, March 6, 2017

Blue Skies and Sunshine

I always thought my birthday was in the spring.  I have memories of flowers and sunshine and green green grass.  I realize now that was because I grew up in St. George.  Springtime in St. George is the most magical place.  So since Jason had a test Thursday and I saw that it was going to be a beautiful sunny weekend we headed south.  But first, when Jason text me to tell me he was outside my school to pick me up, this was out I came out to.  

We stopped in Cedar for dinner with my parents.  My mom even made me a delicious berry and whipped cream cake to celebrate my birthday early!  Then we headed to my parents condo.  When we got to the condo we realized we forgot our pack n play.... so we improvised.  

Saturday morning I got up and went for a run.  I rarely run long distances these days because I am sick of the treadmill.  So before I started running I told myself I didn't have to run very far.  I was so excited the more I run because it felt amazing!  I ended up doing over 9 miles!  (My calves are feeling it today) but man was it awesome!  Of course my favorite part of the run was seeing the signs that spring is coming!  No tulips have blossomed yet.... but so so close!

After Brad woke up from his first nap we went meet Nick and Jeanine's family at this new public park everyone has been bragging about.  And I'll tell you what, there is reason to brag!  This park was insane.  And of course packed because of it.  Even to enter the park is like Disneyland.  You have to go through a tunnel underneath a train.  If only there was a sign that said we were leaving today and entering a world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.... :)

But like I said... this park was unreal.
Yes that is a man made volcano that erupts.... 
A super cool splash pad
With a tunnel/cave/backside of a waterfall!

The volcano getting ready to erupt...
But of course Brad's favorite part was getting to play with his favorite buddies Sadie and Drew!
The coolest swing!  The baby swing and the other swing are attached!  (Maybe these swings are everywhere, but I thought it was so cool!)
Linz, this park MIGHT be able to even compete with Japanese parks!  (MAYBE) 

Not pictured from the rest of the trip:
After our adventure to the park and lunch at the Habit with every other person that flocked to St. George for the weekend.  Jason went dirt biking with a friend while Brad and I went swimming with Nick, Jeanine, Sadie, and Drew at the condo.

Both Brad and I are SO excited for warm weather.  I can't wait until summer when Brad and I can spend all day every day outside in our backyard!

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Cedar where we went to church with my parents and hurried home to have a short fun little visit with Aunt Raine.  Oh how we love the weekend....

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Matthew and Lindsey said...

Dude I am reading this and dying. This seems much safer than any park here.....and more crowded for sure. What I wouldnt give to go to a park with a splash pad. This makes me want to move to St George after reading this post.