Monday, February 6, 2017

The Funeral

I have grown to love the perspective that funerals bring.  So often I feel like we get caught up in the rat race of life.  And I love how funerals make us stop dead in our tracks and have to remember there is an end to the cycle of day to day life.  And hopefully it is all for a reason.  

Saturday was an absolutely wonderful, beautiful, tender day.  I will start with my favorite moment, possibly one of my favorite moments of my life.  My little brother Craig is currently doing his doctor internship in Denver.  He text me Friday morning after he got off his all night shift in the ER.  He was trying to figure out if he, his wife, and their darling 18 month old boy that hates the carseat should drive the 8+ hours to the funeral.  My mom had of course already told him to not come.  There was a storm they'd be driving through.  It was only for 1 day.  My mom is very practical like that.  So Craig asked me.  Here was my response, "That is so hard..... of course if you ask Mom she would say don't come.  But I do think it would mean the world to her if you did."
And it did.

My sweet Grandpa.

So everyone but Chad and Maddie (both in Med School in West Virginia) was able to make it to the funeral.  My mom gave a rockstar talk and I was asked to give the closing prayer.  (Probably because they wanted to keep the basket case (me) for last)  It was a wonderful beautiful day.

At least we got all 3 to look in one direction.... too bad it wasn't at the camera.

All 14 Parson Grandkids.

It has been cold and miserable in northern Utah this winter.  The inversion has been terrible.  Until Saturday.  It was warm!!! and sunny!!!! and had just rained so perfectly clear and beautiful.  Brad got to test out his new sunglasses!

It was a beautiful, wonderful day.

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