Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Baby!

Oh the difference of a year...

We had no real plans for Brad's birthday.  Jason spent the whole day studying so Brad and I just hung out.  We went on an adventure to Walmart... which was the most Brad has ever acted up in public.  He wouldn't sit in the cart so there I was pushing a completely loaded cart in one hand with Brad in the other while he was trying to grab at everything he could see..... I can see the beauty of Walmart's pickup. :)  Anyway, Brad loves the Tickle Me Elmo at Grandma's house.  And Jason makes a hilarious Elmo impression... so I thought because I had nothing better to do on Saturday I should make Brad a cake!  I had to get a little creative on the orange nose because I couldn't find ANYTHING that would work.... until I stumbled upon orange silly puddy!!!  

Finally when Daddy came home at 6 we partied hard.  

I love love this darling new shirt from Aunt Wendy.  And Brad is a little more used to opening presents since Christmas.  But he still got pretty caught up on the ribbons...

His favorite toy was a Jack in the Box from Grandma Leigh.  Such an awesome toy that I never would have thought to get him!

Our attempt at a family selfie.

And onto the main event......

He was really interested in the cake until we finally let him go at it.................... and then it was like he really looked at me, "Are you sure about this Mom????"

He played with it a little but never really dug into it.  I think he was scared of the red frosting hair.  Jason even bit into the cake trying to show Brad how it was done.... still Brad didn't go for it.  He got a little red frosty on his face.  (I was relieved he didn't get the black frosting all over!  It dyed my hands and I was imaging my baby with black dye spots all over him at church on Sunday. :)

The night ended with a haircut (that accidentally got super short but sure looks super cute) and a bath.

We sure love this little boy.

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Aaron and Camile said...

Love that picture of him and his sideways glance with the elmo cake! Such a cutie!