Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in Review

I remember doing the post of a year in review for 2012.  I remember thinking.... this is it.  This is going to go down in history as the best year of my life.  And in some ways I hope I always do think of the year of 2012 as the best.  

(We'll throw this picture in as a reminder of just how awesome 2012 was.)

Meeting and deciding to marry Jason is the best thing ever.  But this year.... 2016.... really does give 2012 a run for it's money.  I really had no idea that having a baby would be such a game changer.  I really didn't understand that every single stinkin' time you look at your baby you smile, you get this warm gooey fuzzy feeling that brings happiness you can't measure. I know, I know... enjoy it now because "when they become teenagers you will question it all".  

But really 2016.  You will be hard to beat.  

Each year I try and come up with my top 10 favorite pictures of the year... this year is extremely difficult.  Like impossible.  Because baby.  And Europe.  And ther
e are two different type of good pictures.  Actual good artistic photos.... and pictures that are pretty but more important have good memories.  And I am pretty dang biased and am having a hard time separating the two.  So I think this year I am going to have to have multiple lists...... Top 10 Pictures of Brad and Top 10 Pictures of the Year.  Can we be okay with that?  I sure hope so.  Because it's killing me. 

Mom in her happy place.  Finally returning to Rothenburg, Germany after almost 40 years

A sea of blue - Vernazza, Italy

Sienna, Italy

Salt Lake Temple

Duomo, Florence

St. Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

Varrenna, Lake Como, Italy

Gondola to Murren, Switzerland

Prague, Czech Republic

And now on to the good stuff.............. Brad.

First the honorable mention... well first, when I started this post, I had over 50 images that I had to cut through....... hardest thing I've ever done.  (Joke... kind of)  So here is the best I could do.  

The honorable mention: our first family picture together.  Yes.  Not a single picture of us our whole family together until at least 3 weeks.  And not surprising where the picture is taken.....

On to the main event.











2016 has brought more joy and laughter than I thought possible.  Brad has been the reason for it all. 

But other major highlights include: 

-Traveling to Europe and Western US. 

- My mother-in-law spending a month with us and taking care of Brad. 

- Jason passing the first of two Dental boards. 

- And the most recent and makes me excited... Jason agreed he'd love to have my parents live in a house behind ours someday. #goals 

I am so unbelievably grateful for the last 365 days and the wonderful people I got to share it with. 

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