Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Christmas Season

If though Brad obviously has no idea what Christmas is.... the magic of Christmas seems even stronger with him around.  These first 3 pictures were taken when I was trying to take pictures of his 11 month mile stone.  

I title this one, "Look, no hands!"

And of course some bath time.... what is it about a little noodlelette baby that melts my heart?

Jason decided to try out a carrot on a stick to get Brad to walk....
Brad's new favorite thing is to unplug the Christmas tree.

This picture just makes me laugh.... Brad loves to climb into the fireplace which is obviously very dirty.  So Jason put up a cardboard barrier so Brad can't climb into the fireplace.  So instead of having a fire in the fireplace... our fire is on our TV above the fireplace.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Grand America to check out their Christmas extravaganza.  It was much more impressive than I expected.  I had no idea how Grand the Grand America is!  First, their HUGE gingerbread house.

And their darling toy and candy store...

And their fun window scenes.....  Brad and I revisiting Pisa.

And Brad's visit to Santa.....

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