Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Vacation Part 1

Since this month is Jason's real last break possible ever.... (I am going to miss the student schedule someday.... if only we had money when we had time.... such is life.)  Anyway, we decided that I should take an extra 4 days off work and begin our Christmas Vacation when it should have started!  So we left for Cedar Friday after school.  We were hoping to beat the storm... or at least beat the snow.  It was raining when we left.... but that didn't last long.  Long long long story short.... we possible could have missed most of the storm except we got stuck in dead stop traffic for over an hour on the mountain pass south of Scipio.  Brad didn't mind.  He had slept the whole way until Scipio.  So he enjoyed the hour of romping around the car.  (Notice the hue of the color of tail lights just in case you were afraid Brad was really drive us while we were moving.)  But I must admit... I kind of dream of living in a day without carseats.  What that must have been like... although I do vaguely remember... Oh well.  
Once the line of cars finally started moving I put Brad back in his carseat and he slept until Parowon. Yes... as always, the best baby ever.  Which was a good thing because the roads were awful and it took us over 6 hours to do a drive that normally takes 2.5.  We were glad to finally pull into Grandma and Grumpa's house.  

Brad had fun getting into all sorts of drawers and cupboards that weren't locked.   
 And showing Grumpa his new tricks.
 But I think his favorite thing was hanging out with his cousin Sadie and playing with tickle me Elmo.
We wanted Brad to experience snow for the first time so we took him to "Walmart" hill sledding with Broc and Nick's families.  

It was super duper cold (Don't let the Cedar City sunshine fool you.)  I bet with the windchill it wasn't even in the teens....  Brad LOVED the sledding part, but hated getting snow in his face.  So he would laugh and squeal on the ride down until we hit the fresh powder.  When it hit his face he would cry... and then the tears would freeze on his face and I felt like a horrible parent.

 I understand Brad.... I hate the snow too.
Then after parties, delicious salmon, games of scum, and church Monday morning we headed down to California.  We decided we all needed a break by the time we got to Barstow so we drove out to a fun rock climb.  We didn't stay long but it was a nice little break.  Brad sat in his stroller and kicked his feet while Jason and I rock climbed.  

And then California welcomed us with a perfect hazy sunset as we dropped out of the Cajon Pass into Los Angeles County.
Ah.....California at Christmas.  My favorite time of year.

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