Monday, December 26, 2016

Brad's first Christmas

Brad and my Christmas started early.  Brad was bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4 am.... (Which is why I have been able to blog so much this trip.  Lots of early mornings.)  So Brad played for about 35 minutes... long enough to make sure that I was really awake.  And then he fell asleep on me.  So Brad slept and I blogged.

When Brad woke up we went and woke up Daddy!  It was time to open presents!!!  Brad opening his first present.

(Books from Grandma Lynette)

Brad playing with his rubber ducky.  His present from us.

Then we went inside to see the presents waiting under the tree....

I title this picture, "Who wants to open presents???"

First we went to church and ate a delicious dinner of prime rib, funeral potatoes, pear and pecan salad, roasted asparagus, rolls, and a delicious citrus slushy.

Then onto the main event.... PRESENTS! 
Presents were ridiculously fun this year because of Brad.  It loved opening all his presents.  Well until he got distracted by someone else's present, or bow, or box, or plastic, or tissue paper....

Both Brad and Daddy got remote control cars.

Brad helping Grandpa sort out the presents.

But by the end of the couple hours of opening presents Brad was pretty over whelmed and exhausted....

Brad with all his loot!
(Obviously very difficult to get Brad to look at the camera when he was distracted by all his presents!)  His favorite was this cute little doggie Grandma got him.  It barks and walks and wags his tail.  Brad thought it was the best!
His loot:
lego blocks, an audio book, a Mickey Mouse Waffle maker!, remote control cars, an awesome tunnel tent and balls, his doggie, 2 outfits, a snuggly jacket, and 2 hand made beanies created by Grandma!

And finally: a picture of Brad with his two cousins Gwen and Reid.  

Christmas was a wonderful day.  Probably my favorite thing besides being with Jason's family was our Christmas Service.  You see, every Christmas my family gets together and pulls out our Christmas hymnals and sing and sing until our hearts our content.  We don't care how loud or terrible we sound.  We just sing and sing.  I missed that this Christmas... but luckily for me, at church unlike most Christmas programs that are sang mostly by the choir, the congregation sang most of the Christmas songs.  So I got to sing about the true meaning of the season.  And that for me, is Christmas.

Away in Manger has taken on new meaning in my life.  

"I love thee Lord Jesus Look down from the sky and stay by my cradle til morning is nigh."

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