Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October 2016

This month we've spent a lot of time hanging out in Corner Canyon.  It's only 10 minutes away and it's pretty great.  I have done a lot of trail running there, the 3 of us have done some hiking, and it even has rock climbing for Jason!  

Even Brad got in on the action of repelling down a rock with Daddy.

Brad is full of so much energy when he is awake and looks so peaceful when he is asleep.

To celebrate Brad's 10 month birthday we took him to Texas Roadhouse.  I think he was as excited about the rolls as his mommy.

Dr. Braithwaite in action.  Jason just finished a pediatric unit in school.  He learned you should start brushing a baby's teeth as soon as they have them.... luckily Daddy is willing to do it.... and Brad like the taste of his kids toothpaste!

We searched high and low trying to find the perfect costume for Brad's first Halloween...   Octopus Brad just didn't make the cutes,, I mean cuts.    

Church has started to be quite the adventure.  A few weeks ago Brad was going through a stage where he loved to scream at the top of his lungs.  Just for fun of course.  Loved the sound of his own voice.  So Brad and I spent Relief Society out here..... well until I realized his screams were echoing through the halls.... then we just went home.  

Our ward did a super fun activity for the adults.  I like to call the event, "A night as Bob Ross"  Because of course that is the type of painting we created.  I didn't feel comfortable dropping off Brad at the nursery they provided (protective mom....) so Jason and I shared a painting.  It was the first time in my life I had ever actually used paint on a canvas.  Needless to stay I was horrible at it.

It was only later that we saw a picture of what our painting was supposed to look like:

But the activity was super fun!

Speaking of getting cultured.... my school has ceramic wheels.  I LOVED doing ceramics in high school.  So I begged my dear friend Joan to let me try throwing for the first time in 15 years.... It was so fun that I convinced Jason and my friend Brittney to come try!  So one Saturday night Jason, Brittney and I threw some pots at my school.  I wasn't super good at it but I must say, it was a lot more like riding a bike than I expected!

For Fall Break this year we decided to stay home..... I still have such a nomad's mentality that it is so difficult to not travel somewhere when I have a break.  Even writing about the fact that we stayed home bums me out a little bit.  But such is life.  Brad and I tried to make the most of it.  We did some beautiful runs along the Jordan River.

Oh how I love my sleeping Bear...
And we went up to Salt Lake to City Creek and Temple Square with my dear friend Jordan.
And Brad just loved being outside!

When I think back at the month of October, I think of how Brad has changed and grown.  He has almost 4 teeth.  He has learned to clap (which is so so fun).  He crawls and explores like crazy.  But my favorite part hands down of the entire months was this weekend when Brad and I went down to Cedar.  Whenever I left the room or he couldn't see me, he got nervous.  That sounds like a silly thing to be so excited about.  I know.  And I am sure if I was a stay at home mom I would be dreading the stranger danger that I am sure is coming....But watching my baby's face light up when he saw me or realized I was still there made my day.  The fact that even though I am not with my baby as much as I want, the fact that he still knows I'm his mom and that he wants me has been the highlight of my month.  Can't wait for the Holidays so I can be with him ALL the time!!!

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