Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sticking my head in the sand.

To say I have been so disappointed with politics is an understatement.  I am discouraged beyond belief.  But my problem is, I am not necessarily disappointed in the candidates.  Honestly, I don't blame them.  I blame the American people and what education has created.

So my solution.  Straight up stick my head in the sand.

Why?  Because nothing else seems to do anything.  I can get all worked up about it.  I can scream from the roof tops *** or Facebook**** and honestly, I already know that no good will come from it.
Because it's sad you see.

My 15 year old students can get it so easily.  But grown adults.  Nope.

Because there is truth out there.  I really believe it.  And my problem with politics?  People look at the exact same thing and some swear it's black while the others see white.  How in the world that happens, I have no idea.

I just started to write a whole post on my soap box about all the things many people are seeing as black that I see in white.  Things that make me bang my head against the wall over and over and over again.

Silly me.

Like writing them down, getting all worked up about them for the millionth time would actually solve any problems.

But instead of bloodying myself I have been choosing to put my head in soft, sweet, warm sand and it's lovely.

I have been so depressed about government that I have been spending all my extra time (usually spent listening to talk radio/podcasts/NPR) listening to frilly, ridiculous, teeny bopper novels.

And then yesterday happened.  The light I have been waiting for came.  A light so glorious that I peaked one eye out of the sand.  Just to see what was out there.

And guys, I have so much hope I can barely stand it.

What is that hope?

New Hampshire.

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