Monday, October 24, 2016

10 months of having a baby.

I was curious.  You hear all the time about how expensive babies are.  I have done everything in my power to not spend money on baby.  So much so that I don't even walked into the baby clothing aisle.   I know there are so many darling baby clothes and I am trying my hardest not to buy any.  I haven't purchased any toys.  He doesn't even have a crib.  But I am really curious on how much we have spent.  I decided to come up with a list of every single thing we have purchased.  Some of them good... some of them a total waste of money.

****Disclaimer**** We have been super duper lucky.  I had 3 different wonderful angels in my life that gave me their baby stuff.  Also we have very generous Grandmas and Aunts that have been very wonderful to Brad.  If I included everything they have given us the total price of a baby would be EXTREMELY higher.

OH I should also add.... because Jason and I had already met our deductible for our insurance.... baby was 100% covered.  His birth, all his doctors check ups, and his hernia surgery didn't cost us anything.... thank the heavens for Alpine School District and their fabulous insurance.   (The only reason anyone should consider being a teacher... well besides summer :)

But here we go..... the price of a baby.

Formula $300
Bottles $8
Extra nipples $12
Spoons $7
Baby Food - $30
Nipple shields $15
Nursing pads $28
Fenugreek supplements $25
Lanolin $25
Nursing cover $25
Pump wires $39

Diapers - $410 
Wipes- $40
Destine $5
Destine Wiper  $8

Health Products:
Binkies $4
Binkie clips $9
Baby sunscreen $5
Baby lotion $14
Shampoo $3
Tooth paste $3
Freezable Teething chews  $3
Gripe water $16
Tylenol and Ibuprofen $8
Gas ex $4
Topical Steroid prescription $2
Pink eye prescription $2

Car seat $140 (Supposed to be reimbursed by Norwegian Airlines but we aren't holding our breath)
Bob running stroller and attachment (used) $120
Baby gate $50
Umbrella stroller $5
Sound deadening Earmuff $25
Car Mirror $22
Carrier *worthless - $10
Wrappy carrier*worthless - $25

Baby Wise $10
2 rompers $12
Zippered sleeping straight jacket $12


But when you are trying to do this baby thing as cheap as possible you have to be okay with things like this:
Brad wearing Christmas pajamas in October.  And a purple Bumbo (his high chair) in the background.

Anyway, in case you think we are making out like bandits (which we are) when it comes to baby.... I just calculated how much we have paid in child care for Brad in those 10 months. 

Brad's Sitter:  $4100.... 

But of course, any and all costs are so worth it.  I hope that goes without saying.  Brad has been the best thing that happened to either of us.  

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