Sunday, September 11, 2016

Welcome to Prague! Our apartment

Let's be real here, by the time we were getting on the plane to head to Prague I had been on this trip for 35 days, 8 countries, at least 7 packing and unpacking of suit cases, I was exhausted, Jason was exhausted, we were done.  As we were driving to Bergamo to get on the plane to Prague I said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if this plane just accidentally headed for the States instead of Czech Republic????"  I had no idea what to expect in Prague.  And I kept telling myself over and over again, even if we just sit in the apartment and do absolutely nothing that's okay.  Of course, you can already guess where this is headed.  Prague was AWESOME.  But luckily so was our apartment!  It was very small and at first it was pretty deceiving.  We walked in and saw a "bathroom" with just a toilet and a sink.  We were really confused about where the shower was.....

until we went in the bedroom and looked in the closet!

 How crazy is that?

Then I was worried because we really needed to wash clothes and the add on Airbnb said there  was a washing machine and we couldn't find it.... until we found the fridge! 

Then I had a suspicion we'd find the washer.  How crazy was that!  I absolutely loved how efficient it was.

(Obviously more room would have been better but it was great for us for 3 days!)  The apartment was in the PERFECT location.  It was 200 feet from the metro station and at the steps of the Prague Castle.  We loved out time in this darling apartment.  

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