Monday, September 5, 2016


It was supposed to take 4.5 hours to Switzerland.  But if there is one thing we have learned from our driving in Europe is.... nothing is easy, especially driving.  We got stuck in completely terrible traffic.  But luckily it was a beautiful view.  The drive up over the Alps was quite the experience.  It reminded me exactly of riding on the Matterhorn at Disneyland.  I didn't expect that.  But the gushing glacier run offs, the sharp turns, it was just like the ride... minus the yeti.

Welcome to Switzerland!  I was a bit surprised that there wasn't much of border control.  We didn't even have to stop or show our passports.
The blessed traffic......
We were stuck so long people got out of their cars and such.

Luckily we had the happiest baby in the world. 
He loved getting out and seeing more than just the back of the car...

Here's our rental car almost at the top of one of the mountain passes we went over. 

We decided to drive straight to Lauterbrunnen because we knew if we stopped at our Airbnb in Interlaken we would be too exhausted to go back out.

Between the flower boxes and darling little Swiss flags everywhere, I was in heaven.  

Then we went back to Interlaken for dinner..... We had avoided sit down restaurants for most of the trip.  But the Mexican restaurant on Yelp won Jason over..... which brings us to food in Switzerland. Oh me oh my.  I had heard that Switzerland was expensive.  But really, you can't believe until you see it.  It is one thing to hear it costs $30 for a hamburger and fries.... it's totally different to be actually sitting at a restaurant starving and see the cheapest thing on the menu, a burrito at a 2 money restaurant is literally $28.   But you live and you learn.  Switzerland is really that expensive.  And after one meal we spent the rest of the time in the grocery story.  I had a Swiss student a couple of years ago and she brought the most delicious braided Swiss bread for the class to try.  I was so excited when I saw it in the grocery store!  So one day for lunch we ate bread, cheese, and slices of ham, OH and some Tolblerone for desert of course!

Of course the highlight for me was the two runs I went on around Interlaken.  I kept trying so hard NOT to take pictures.. but I just couldn't stop!  LOOK at that water!!!!!

When I saw these swans I just kept thinking........ how in the world did they get this lucky.
Now this was the strangest thing to me.  I saw palm trees EVERYWHERE in Interlaken.  I just don't get it!  How in the world do palm trees survive a Swiss winter?????  These were stuck in the ground, BIG palm trees!  

I found an awesome trail that ran along the river/lake.  It was amazing!!!

After my run in Interlaken we went back to Lauterbrunnen.  Sadly it was a pretty cloudy day so we couldn't see the biggest mountain peaks (the Eiger) but luckily we did see it the next day on our way out of town.  But anyway, we decided to take a gondola ride up to Murren.  A cute little town above Lauterbrunnen.  (We could have taken the Gondola even higher, but we could see a live video feed from the top and knew it was completely cloud covered.)

The best part was the views of Lauterbrunnen from the gondola.  

And of course a super happy baby in Murren.  

We then headed back to Lauterbrunnen and wandered around the shops and went for a little hike along the river. 

Just like everywhere else in Europe we went, Switzerland has cute drinking fountains everywhere.  But what made the ones in Switzerland unique is they had flowers and flags decorating even the water fountains.
The views from our hike.
Possibly my favorite picture fro the whole trip.  Jason and Brad smiling.... my whole world.

This day was actually August 1.  We didn't know before, but we were glad to find out, that August 1 is Swiss National Day.  So we went back to Interlaken to a huge party.  Fireworks, street food, live music, and of course Brad's personal favorite, gelato.

The next morning we got up early to drive back to Bergamo, Italy to fly up to Prague.  But don't worry, our last view of this beautiful area....
Here's what I had to say about Switzerland on Instagram:

Happy birthday Switzerland! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you! We loved your mountains, turquoise lakes and rivers, flower boxes, and Swiss flags everywhere! We didn't love your prices...

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