Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Second Day in Prague

My one request to Jason for our second day in Prague was a good family picture with the Prague Castle in the background... probably should have waited until the sun wasn't beating down, but oh well.

Of course there were a fabulous band playing on the bridge.
Jason's request was that he wanted to do a tour.  We found an awesome "free" tour.  (You just tip the guy after if you want to.  It was an awesome tour!  Our guide was from Burley, Idaho.
We went to Old Town Square and saw the very over rated astronomical clock.

After the tour we wanted to do something memorable.... So we walked by a Thai Message business..... and clearly having fish eat the dead skin off your feet in Prague is the only logical thing to do.

And then we needed to take some more pictures....

The view from the other bridge was my favorite.
I mean really.... does it get any more picturesque than this?
Then we went back to Old Town Square when golden hour hit and we got some of my favorite pictures of the whole trip.

Like this one....
And this one....

We ended the night by going back to the bridge to watch the sunset.

Prague......we love you. 

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