Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bergamo - La Citta Alta

If you remember... the road trip to Switzerland that was supposed to take us 4.5 hours ended up taking.... we lost track how long... because of traffic.  We had a flight out of Bergamo, Italy to Prague.  We had also already walked through the Bergamo airport to get our rental car and we saw that it was a very very busy airport.  So between the traffic and the busy airport we figured we should leave Switzerland very bright and early so we didn't miss out flight to Prague.  We allowed ourselves like 10 hours.  (That is how crazy you get when you've spent weeks traveling Europe.  No more risking things)  But of course we didn't hit a stitch of traffic on the way back to Italy.  (Naturally)  So we had a few hours to kill.  My friend Russ, who currently lives in Luxemburg working for Amazon, told me one of his favorite places in all of Europe is La Citta Alta - the upper city of Bergamo, Italy.  So we decided we would go check it out before we headed for the airport.  

Here is how the internets describes La Citta Alta, "Before you get lost in the blue of the Alps that fade into the sky, your gaze will meet a wonderful and impressive terrace overlooking the plains and the mountains,which have surrounded artistic and cultural treasures on the hill for centuries.
Bergamo greets visitors with its Venetian Walls. Surrounded by rivers and lush, verdant valleys, crossed by paths that widen to Parco dei Colli, the area’s largest park, the city looks like a lounge filled with art, culture and nature, with a fascinating and complex history just waiting to be shared with others."

The upper city was cool.  It was.  But we had already seen multiple medieval walled cities. So we were a bit underwhelmed...  But honestly, at this point in the journey of our adventure I don't know what really could have really impressed us... well except Prague.  I'll get there next.  

So sadly not a single picture of any of us.  But a super cool place all the same.  Really, if I was going to recommend a walled medieval city... this might be it.  It was super cool.  I might have thought it was even cooler than Siena.  I'll show you why.   

This is the view from the very modern, normal Northern Italy city of Bergamo.  I liked Bergamo.  WAY more than Milan (but that isn't very hard to do).  So you look up from this modern city and see this town up on the hill.
I read that you could take a shuttle up to the town but since we had time to kill I figured we should walk... and I am SO glad we did.  That was by far my favorite part.  The path up to the town was so picturesque.  
Definitely not stroller friendly... but super cool green vegetation with cobble stone steps.
And then we got to the wall built by the Venetians.
And the entrance to the town.
Views from the wall
Inside the walls

As we were wandering around the narrow Medieval streets somehow we completely missed the crown jewel of the town.... the cathedral.  But by the time we realized it we needed to head back.  So we settled with this beautiful view and headed for the airport for our last European destination...

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