Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chillin' with George Clooney.

Leaving Florence was a bit bittersweet.  I realized I was a bit crazy for feeling a bit sad about it but even my dad commented on the feeling.  It had become our home.

But luckily Jason, Brad, and I were off on another huge adventure.

We took a train to Milan and then hopped on a bus to Bergamo where we rented a car to start our roadtrip.  To say I was blown away by Lake Como would be an understatement.  I guess I should never underestimate George Clooney.  He knew what he was doing when he settled here.

Sadly we didn't have a ton of time because we wanted to get to Switzerland but an afternoon was enough to make me fall in love all the same.

Our homeboy Rick recommended Varrenza so that is where we spent our time.  I wish we would have had more time to ride a ferry of to Bellagio... but oh well.  We swam in the Lake, walked down a gorgeous water front path, ate lunch on the lake and tried out 2 different gelato shops.  It was awesome.

 Going down to the lake.

Cool paths everywhere.


Palm trees and pine trees together..... a dream come true.


Some day I'll be a sailer....
 On the road again...
We spent the night in a totally random town north east of Lake Como.  We picked Morbegno because it was close to some awesome rock climbing that we were going to do the next morning.  But it was raining... so we didn't even climb there.  But I have to tell you about cute Morbegno.  Darling little town off the beaten path so very few tourists.  We had to find out Airbnb apartment by asking around because of course there was no address.  So we just asked around until someone knew Vicento.  Of course.  Just like the movies.  Where everyone knows everyone.  But my favorite interaction of possibly the whole trip was when we went out looking for a grocery store.  (Of course our Airbnb was supposed to have wifi but didn't so we had no clue where a grocery story was)  So we asked a teenage waiter as a restaurant.  He had no clue where the grocery store was but no one else spoke English.  So we asked that waiter to ask one of the locals.  This cute old lady didn't just tell us where the grocery store was, she walked us the 3 blocks to the grocery store just to make sure we got there!  It was so sweet.  Our apartment was beautifully remodeled but it was right downtown (this is a picture from the living room window)  No air conditioning so all night long we were woken up to every single car that drove down the cobble stone road.  I won't lie, I was excited to be done with cobble stones by the time we left Europe.  

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