Friday, July 29, 2016


Here's what Rick Steves - my homeboy - has to say about Siena.

Stretched across a Tuscan hill, Siena offers Italy's best medieval city experience. With red-brick lanes tumbling every which way, the town is an architectural time warp, where pedestrians rule and the present feels like the past.
Five hundred years ago, Italy was the center of humanism. Today, the self-assured Sienese remember their centuries-old accomplishments with pride. In the 1300s, Siena was one of Europe's largest cities and a major military force, in a class with Florence, Venice and Genoa. But weakened by a disastrous plague and conquered by her Florentine rivals, Siena became a backwater for six centuries.
Siena's loss became our sightseeing gain, because its political and economic irrelevance preserved its Gothic-era identity, most notably its great, gorgeous central piazza — the Campo. People hang out as if at the beach at this tilted shell-shaped "square" of red brick. It gets my vote for the finest piazza in all of Europe. - End of Rick

The Campo is the home of a crazy crazy horse race twice a summer... on purpose we missed it.  It is nuts in Siena during the horse race to say the least but it sure is fun to imagine it.  

Yes.... this peaceful square is where the race takes place with thousands of screaming spectators.  Insane.

Brad enjoyed the square.

There are Romulus and Remus statues everywhere and I didn't know why... until I just looked it up.  Legend says Remus' two sons started Siena after Romulus killed Remus.  

But my favorite part of Siena was the views.......

Siena is very very very hilly.

Which meant steep hills to push the stroller up.

But the crown jewel of Siena is their Duomo.

After walking around Siena we went up on the fort and got these amazing views back on Siena.

Siena was a fun little day trip.

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