Friday, July 29, 2016

Rock Climbing in Italy

I have to admit when Jason told me he wanted to rock climb through Europe I was a bit skeptical.  The weight of all the gear required would have been enough to deter me from it, let alone the research required and of course a rental car.  But luckily Jason pushed through and we went to to different rock climbing spots.  One with a beautiful view of Tuscany and one on the Italian Riviera coast in a remote ruins filled jungle.  Both were amazing and I am so so so so so glad we did it.  

We first went to scout out one spot after our excursion to Siena.  I looked pretty ridiculous hiking around in my dress and sandals...
The second location was about 2.5 hours north west.  We didn't want to have to pay for somewhere to stay so we had the great idea (when we saw the size of my parents rental car) to sleep in our car!  What an adventure.  Then we got our rental car..... a tiny barely 4 door Fiat.  (Think Geo Metro)  It was quite an adventure trying to sleep in the car.  First we had to take out all of belongings and put them in front of the car.(Carseat, stroller, suitcase, and all climbing gear)  Then we put baby behind the back seat.  I say behind the back seat because it certainly wasn't a trunk (hatch back and barely the perfect size for Brad to sleep)  Jason slept in the back seat and I slept in the front passenger seat.  (Obviously couldn't put the seat down very far or else I'd have smashed Jason...)  Needless to say, Brad was the only one that slept much.  But it sure was an adventure.  And the rock climbing spot was one of the coolest places we've ever climbed.  There were ruins everywhere.  Who knows how old.  

The trail was so stinkin' cool.

Brad, as always, was a total champion and had no problem sleeping on his changing mat and a towel while Daddy rock climbed.
My favorite was all the plants growing straight out of the rock.

We absolutely loved climbing with Daddy in Italy.

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