Sunday, July 10, 2016


So once again.... Pisa was definitely never on my list of places to go.  But we flew into Pisa so we figured we needed to go...  It was fun.  Definitely okay if I never return to Pisa.  The cathedral was pretty impressive.  I'm sure there are cooler things than just the tower but we just went to the tower and went home.  It was stinkin' hot and baby in a black stroller made me nervous but we survived and got the picture.  My favorite part was watching person after person and person posing to pretend to push over the building.  It looks pretty funny with a whole slew of tourists lined up pretending to push over the building.  I'm sure the Italians just laugh.   But without further ado.... Pisa.

It was quite difficult to get a picture with the tower without other tourists in the picture.  So here is me getting up on this super slick round thing.

 The final product.

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Mossi said...

Your dress!!! I need it!!