Friday, July 8, 2016

Our First Few Days in Florence.

 We live in a very typical Florence apartment in the historic district.  We are steps away from the Duomo and the Accademia where David is.  But if you looked on our street you wouldn't know its anything special.  It looks like every single other street throughout Florence.  It is very very very easy to get lost.  Every street looks the same.  Each street has a leather shop, a pizzeria, and a gelato stand.  Every single street.  Here are some view as we walk down apartment towards the Duomo.

It's pretty hot here but luckily all the building provide pretty nice shade.  So although the buildings make it so easy to get lost it makes it super easy to stay out of the sun.  In the picture above you see a crosswalk.  But don't be deceived, pedestrians never have the right of way.  If you don't watch very  closely you could easily get ran over by the taxis, cars, trucks, bikes, and scooters that go down these streets.  Luckily there are not a lot of vehicles through these streets because you have to have a very very special and expensive permit to drive in historic Florence.

So the next pictures I took on runs in the morning around the town.  

I love seeing all the police/army dudes with huge guns.  It's sad that it makes me feel safe... it probably should be the opposite but it does.  It makes me feel safe.  They are shockingly friendly (another oddity around it, no one. no one smiles)  My dad walks over a half mile to school every day.  Sometimes just for fun he smiles at people just to see their reaction.

Every where you turn there is a cool arch or a tour or something else.  And then I found the view...

 Some foods......... making my own Caprese Salad.  And my McDonalds Caesar Salad.
And when in Roma.........

 The best pizza we've had so far.  It was amazing.
 And just a few more highlights.
Happy 4th of July
And of course Gelato at the Duomo.
I'm trying to think of the things that I have been most shocked about living here.  You have to take out your own garbage over a block away.  They have 3 different garbage bins and you have to figure out which one to put your garbage in.  (Luckily a lady with a baby came up when I was trying to figure out where to put my diapers).

Just like any big city with walking only, getting groceries is quite the event.  It took 4 of us to carry 54 euro worth of groceries today.  The sirens always make me think of Born Identity.   And of course just like in Chicago we live right by the hospital.

I can easily see why locals in Florence would be so stinkin' sick and tired of tourists.  They are everywhere on these tiny streets.  But I am still shocked that they do not smile at all.  Neither do the tourists!

I still can't believe Europeans are okay with paying for 3 things.  Cover charge at any table restaurant, water, and bathrooms.  I just can't believe it.  I jokingly asked my family, "What do you think they are shocked that we pay for?"  Then I came up with my own answer, "Health Care."  Wah wah.

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