Monday, July 11, 2016

Hiking the Duomo

Saturday morning we got up super early so we could hike the Duomo before the crowds and the heat. The last time I came to Florence it was on a Sunday so we couldn't climb to the top.  I had no idea I was missing out but I definitely was!  Besides going to see the David at the Academia, hiking the Duomo should be at the top of anyone's visit to Florence.   Here's a view of the Duomo with the morning light.
Even though we got in line a half hour early, there was still quite a few people in front of us on the adventure.
We had heard from my uncle that it was a bit tight and claustrophobic.  The steep stairs just kept going and going.
Brunelleschi's brilliant plan was to actually build two domes, an outer and inner.  We climbed between the two.
There was graffiti every where.... so so sad.

Ever so often throughout the hike there would be little windows so we could peak out at and get a view of Florence.

Besides the view at the top, the most magnificent part was being able to see up close the ceiling of the cathedral.  It was unreal.  I felt so bad for those poor artists that spent years of their lives on their backs on high scaffolding painting that ginormous dome.  The only way (as far as we could tell) to see the painting on the dome was to climb it.  If you just go into the Cathedral (which is free) it is roped off and you can't see the paintings.

More climbing

And then the views....

Our apartment is in the middle of this next picture...

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