Saturday, July 9, 2016


So I'll be honest.... Germany was no where near the top of my list on places I'd like to go... or return.  I visited Germany when I was 14 (19 years ago) and I thought I'd seen enough.  I love beaches and Mediterranean climate... so cool, damp, Germany didn't seem too appealing.  But you see my mom went to Europe with her cousins/friends 39 years ago and her favorite thing (Besides Michelangelo's statue of David) was the cute medieval towns of Bavaria.  One in particular she dreams about was Dinkelsbuhl.  So because of her dream we took a train to Pisa a bus to the airport and flew to Frankfurt - Hahn airport and rented a car to head south.  There were many highlights to this trip.  One was being on the auto bahn.  It was nuts.  The real highlight was watching the Ferrari let lose and take off passing us like we were standing still (At a measly 100 miles per hour).  But the real highlight of the trip was watching my mom in her happy place.  This is a picture as we walked into Rothenberg ob Der Tauber.  She was in her happy place.

Sadly by the time we got there everything was closed.  (Another super crazy thing about Italy and Germany.  Just because there are tourists around doesn't mean businesses stay open.  Like this Christmas store that my mom would have loved to go into.... closed at 5 pm.  FIVE. Crazy.)

There is no question this place was almost exactly like Fantasyland in Disneyland.  (Well except no music.... they need to work on that)  But it was unbelievable charming and absolutely wonderful.  Such a fresh air compared to Florence.

So we stayed the night in an airbnb within the old city walls of Dinkelsbul.  Not quite as touristy as Rothenburg it was a darling little town.  

One of the city entrances.  (There were 3)

Outside another city wall.
So like always, I woke up super early (always a killer in Europe with jetlag) to run around the town.  The next set of pictures were all taken on my run.

This path was around the city wall.  They have turned it into a running path and I passed many (I think all American tourists) runners.
Oh the flowers.......................... it was insane how wonderful it smelt every where.  Every time you inhaled you were blasted with the wonderful natural scent of flowers.

It was amazing.  And of course what it made it even better, the FOOD!!!!
The pastries and breads were even better than I had hoped for.  SO stinkin' delicious with not a ton of sugar.  OH and the strawberries were so so so good.  Like straight out of someone's garden rather than the commercialized variety we are so used to.

Look closely and you might see Rapunzel's hair!

The dinner food was equally good and interesting.  And of course paying for water..... which you get over real quick with the last picture (Apple strudel)

Next we got in the car and headed south to Fussen and of course the best castle of them all Neuschwanstein.  It was so cool seeing it perched up on the hill.

There is another castle just below it.... but we didn't bother :)

The views over southern Germany and Austria were amazing!

And here's a little stint we had in Austria.  :D

Germany was way better than I had hoped.  It was clean, it was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we got to drive 120 mph on the auto bahn.  What more could you ask for???

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Marcie Parson said...

That first picture of your mom is PERFECT. She totally looks like she's in her happy place! So glad she got to go there!