Saturday, July 30, 2016


In between the two rock climbing spots was the darling city on the sea, Genova.  We decided we needed to go if for no other reason than to pay respects for Christopher Columbus.  (This is where he was from)  It was a beautiful city.  It was so fun to drive through.  

We decided to stop and swim in Genova's one public beach.  (There are lots of things we can complain about in Italy... but right now I want to focus on how annoying it is that all beaches are private.  So annoying.) But it's okay because although this "beach" was pretty pathetic it was certainly fun to look at.  

Here is an example of what a private "beach" in Genova looked like.  Not seen is the cute little sand box next to the water for kids to play in.

I did get quite a delicious gelato in Genova that included a delicious lemon basil gelato that I mixed with a basic "milk" flavor.  Delicious!
I'm always a sucker for palm trees and the fun architechture made it even better.

Jason felt it was very important for Brad to get to swim in the Mediterranean.  So although he didn't have a swimsuit Brad enjoyed the salty sea.

The beach...

The steep hill getting down to the beach.

Genova was darling and a perfect little pit stop on our road trip across the Italian Riviera.

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