Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Well.... it happened again this weekend.  Our 8th move in 3 years. Eight freaking times of boxing up every single item we own.  Eight times of scrubbing an entire apartment down.  Eight times of feeling empty.

I don't know why I get so attached to things but I do.  Every move is hard.  To comfort myself I have to quote one of my favorite sayings over and over and over again.

"Change is hard even when it's for the better."

But I still sit here and wonder why oh why am I so sad about leaving, as Jason called it yesterday, our rat hole????  Our apartment was 609 sq feet.  It had 3 windows all facing east so the majority of the day was spent in shadows.  Did I mention the entire space was 609 sq feet?  It was the most efficient space, I am actually quite proud of whomever created the layout.  But still 609 sq feet.  I'm pretty sure my bedroom growing up was bigger than that.

But alas another chapter of life has ended and I guess that is why I am so sad.  Because this chapter, the last 10 months, have been hands down the best 10 months of my life.  It has been full of the most beautiful, wonderful, happy, loving times.  The most obvious being the addition of Brad into our family.  Words can't describe the joy he's brought me.  But it's more than just Brad.  I have spent the last ten months watching Jason learn and grow and succeed.  Watching this transformation has been absolutely beautiful.

It's almost fun for Jason to now explain to his dental school friends his path to get where he is today.  Because you see, Jason has been a rock star at dental school.  Of course he studies his tail off.  And of course it's not polite to brag but dude..... it's amazing.  You know the annoying geeky kid in class that gets 98-100% on every single test.  That is what Jason has turned into.  I am not exaggerating.  Jason has not go lower that a 98% on any test in his first year of dental school.  A couple of days ago one of Jason's dental school friends came over to help us move.  I wish you could have seen this guy's reaction when we told him Jason's path to getting into dental school.  We joked about his GPA.  We told him the responses of his college advisors, "Maybe you should consider a different path."  He laughed when Jason joked about his doctorate in undergraduate studies.  Because it's funny now.  It's funny when the kid at the top of the dental school class barely made it in.

It's been so fun and rewarding to watch this change in Jason.  I was about to say it's made me love him more, but that's not true.  I knew he had it in him.  I knew he would be a brilliant dentist.  But what has been so awesome is watching his confidence in himself grow.  It has been glorious.

Of course the road is long and we never know it was around the bend.  But I will look back at our times in apartment #817 with such fondness.

But I will admit our new place..... our TWO bedroom TWO bath TWO car garage HOUSE...... well let's just say I never in a million years thought I would be so thrilled to live in an insanely ugly yellow and green siding split level circa 1974 house.  But when you are coming from a rat hole.... just about darn near anything is a move up.

(Pictures to come.)

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