Friday, April 29, 2016

Please Time. Stop Moving.

I am starting to understand the cycle of my feelings.  It always happens around this time of year.  When the smell of spring and summer start to hit.  When my students start to get.  They start to actually act like high school students.  Then there are graduations and proms and mission calls.  I feel like time quickly slipped away and somehow I missed something.  And this year might be worse than ever because it seems.  Every time I get home from school my baby has grown and changed so much.  More now than ever before I just want time to hold still for two seconds so I can catch my breath.  

And it's not like we've been doing much! I haven't traveled in nearly a month! Every day I get home from school and snuggle my baby until I HAVE to figure out some type of dinner, pack breakfast and lunch and clothes for tomorrow, and clean up a little of the mess from the day.  I fall asleep every night, usually on the couch, around 7 pm because my day typically starts around 3:30 am.  Baby has been a decent sleeper but when he wakes up every morning at 3:30 I feed him, change him, and put him back to sleep.  By that time it's usually 4:15 and I have to be awake at 5 so most of the time I don't go back to sleep.

We have SO much to look forward to... I am so so so stinkin' excited for summer.  But still I wish time would just slow down.  From listening to other moms I know that is going to be a common theme in my life.  But I guess it's a good theme, it shows how wonderful my life is right now.  I am very excited about the future but man oh man things are so dang good right now.  

But since I can't slow down time, I guess I'll just document our boring lives.  

Baby is growing so much.  He held his own bottle for the first time a couple of days ago.  He's almost too big for the insert in his baby bathtub.

He likes to try and put both of his hands in his mouth at the same time.

Jason loves to play with him.  He loves seeing his own reflection.

Baby and I enjoyed another beautiful spring Sunday at Temple Square.

Life is just so good. 

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