Monday, February 22, 2016

Glorious Sunshine

My last week of freedom before going back to work I decided to go to St. George.  For two reasons, number was 70 in St. George and number 2, Salt Lake Valley looked like this:

It was wonderful spending time with my mom and dad.  My mom called Bradley an angel baby.... which was good to hear because obviously I have nothing to compare him to.  But I have found the way to calm him down that works the best!  I call it his throne.
We spent a lot of time outside walking on all the river trails around St. George and enjoying the sunshine.  

After Jason took his test on Thursday, he joined us in St. George.  My mom babysat Brad on Friday so Jason and I could go enjoy the sunshine and do a little rock climbing. 

But don't worry we got lots of cuddling in.
Then Friday night Nick and Jeanine's family came to the condo too!  We took them repelling Saturday morning.
Brad enjoyed some time in the sunshine.

Brad's favorite cousin... (The only cousin that has held him!)

Then Saturday night Jason and I enjoyed a romantic night in the hot tub.... with our favorite third wheel!

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Danielle Bates said...

Hey do you mind mentioning what app you used for nursing. I want to use one this time, and have heard about a couple different one's. Thanks!