Thursday, January 28, 2016

Home Life

The adjustment to life with baby is exactly what I expected and completely different.  The most surprising thing so far ..... knock on wood..... fingers crossed.... is that there hasn't been a time when he has cried uncontrollably and I haven't known how to help him.  I know, I know, it's coming.  But for now I am basking in the fact that any time he cries I can help him, I can console him.  I haven't felt helpless yet.  The other thing that surprised me was the emotions attached to him.  Of course I knew I would love him.  What I didn't know would happen is any time I am away from him, whether it's him napping, staying in the car seat while we run errands, or even when I go to sleep.  Any time I am not physically holding him.  The moment I see him and hold him again it's like there is a new found rush of joy and love because of him.  I'm sure it's the oxytocin hormone.  But still it is so wonderful.   

But for now baby Bradley and I have been having a pretty fantastic time together.  Here are some pictures of him a week old.  It was one of the first times I remember him just opening his eyes and calmly looking at things.

Jason loves calling him his little burrito.

 Then we got Brad a straight jacket or cocoon.... So that he is a real life burrito.  I know plenty of mom's that swear by it.  (Or so I have to tell myself every time I am zipping him up so I don't feel guilty that I am putting my son in a straight jacket.)
The jury is still out on whether Brad loves it or not. 

We love when Daddy comes home and gets to help.

This was so precious I had to document it.  This was when Sadie got to hold Brad for the first time.
And sadly this is our first official family photo.... maybe next time I'll do my hair first.

Brad's first bath.......

And us trying to live life as normal......... me on the treadmill (walking only for 3 more weeks!) (And you can barely see Brad sleeping in his carseat below) and Jason playing video games. (Jason never plays video games.)

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