Thursday, October 8, 2015


It's almost scary, when life is pretty darn wonderful.  It's like I just want to hold me breath and wait for my world to come crashing down.  Because if there is one thing to be certain, my world will crash down.  Maybe that's a pessimistic way to look at it.  Maybe I am too negative.  But I like to think that I am just realistic.

I have learned time and time again that whenever I put my trust or happiness in anything besides the Gospel of Jesus Christ it will fail me.  

Now of course life is far far far from perfect.  Life as a 6 month pregnant full time working girl is no fun.  I wake up and can't wait for the moment that I get to lay back down on my couch again.  There are still trials and hardships swirling around me constantly.

But right now, I am just ridiculously happy and satisfied with life.  And for this moment, I need to seriously bask in it.

Why is life so wonderful?

Education sucks.  The system is so ridiculously flawed it makes me want to bang my head against the wall.  But for some reason recently, I've become completely apathathetic to it. Now that sound insane that I am basking in the glory of that.  But seriously, it's wonderful.  I used to come home with rage shooting out of my eye balls.  And now, Jason gets home from school and asks me how school was and I say, "It was good."  I've almost got all my students trained.  I've figured out to manage my crappy terrible classes.  My good classes are wonderful.  So teaching is good.  But the best part, I absolutely adore the grumpy old men that I work with.  Adore.  And I feel so lucky every day that I get to associate with such wonderful men.  AND my kindred spirit, bosom buddy, soul mate friend (P.S. she may never have seen Anne of Green Gables and she STILL is this wonderful in my eyes, is returning to work at my school.  Life is good.)

Oh Jason.  He is absolutely wonderful.  Don't tell him this, he hates attention, but he was MADE for dental school.  And I think watching the person you love the very most be an absolute rock star after years of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears is honestly way more wonderful than being a rock star yourself.  Don't get me wrong, dental school is hard work.  But he is doing so well it is amazing.  And I feel so lucky to be the front row spectator watching.

Rough times are coming, I know it.  But for this one moment I am so happy to kick back, put my feet up, and be unbelievably grateful for the life God has given me.  

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