Thursday, September 24, 2015

Band Wagoner.

It's true.  With most everything in life I am a band wagoner.  I am not the person you consult if you want to know the latest and hippest things.  I never start watching tv shows from the premiere.  I never discover cool new music.  I am just not one of those people.

So when Mindy Kaling started to get big I was so confused.  I barely tolerated her on The Office (because of course the only reason I like The Office was because of the love story between Jim and Pam)  So Mindy was just a lame distraction.  So I was so confused when it seemed like over night she blew up.  She was one of the most famous people in Hollywood...... so famous she got her own show named after her??????

Like I said, I was so confused.

And then in desperation to find a new cleanish show on TV, Jason and I started watching her show on Hulu.  And then I was commuting hours everyday to Disneyland so I bought her book on Audible.  And now as I am listening to her new book, "Why Not Me" as I commute every day I can not hid it. I am absolutely obsessed with this girl.  I love her.  And just like every other white 30 something year old educated girl in America, I want her to be my best friend.

It's a bit puzzling why I feel so connected to this second generation liberal Ivy league educated Indian.  We have nothing in common.  Well besides our shared love for McDonalds.

After a lot of self reflection I feel the need to write down why I love Mindy.

1.  She beat the odds.  She is not 5'9, 115 pounds, with an unrealistic boob job.  That alone is enough evidence to prove she beat all odds in Hollywood.  And the crazy part is she is doing nothing to move closer to the typical body figure of a Hollywood actress.  She seems so much just like "us".  (The collective group of normal working class of Americans who are night and day different from the celebrities we associate with being famous)

2. She is really smart.  As a nobody she got into and attended Dartmouth.  It's one thing for a famous actress to attend an Ivy league school.  It's something completely different for a nobody to get in. But along with being smart, she is funny smart.  I have the hardest time with most comedies.  I don't like stupid funny.  I don't think it's funny.  I like to pretend it's because it's "below" me....but maybe I just don't think a lot of things are funny.  Mindy is a smart funny.  It reminds me a lot of Seth Cohen humor.  It's a quick, subtle, almost easily looked over humor that is hilarious.  Often times Jason and I have to push pause after she says a hilarious statement so we can get a good laugh in and not miss anything else.

3. She believes in hard work.  She works her tail off.  Here is a quote from her book that I love, "If you believe in yourself and work hard, your dreams will come true.  Well... I guess the people who work hard whose dreams don't come true don't get to write books about it, so we never really find out what happens to them.  So.. if you believe in yourself and work hard, you have a fighting shot of having your dreams come true."

4. She is real.

This is probably what I love about Mindy the most.  She says it like it is.  She said how sad she was when she didn't get nominated for an Emmy.  She talks about how she likes kissing on set.  She talks about how she hates going to weddings but does it because she realizes its her only way to be with her old friends.  But my favorite thing that she is pretty real about is her relationship with B.J. Novak.  I love how really she probably is in love with him and always will be.  But they aren't together.  I love it.  I love how real it is.  Here's a perfect example of how real she is,

"I've always put a lot of energy and effort into people liking me.  That's why I've never understood the compliment "effortless."  People love to say: "She just walked into the party, charming people with her effortless beauty."  I don't understand that at all.  What's so wrong with effort, anyway?  It means you care.  What about the girl who "walked into the party, her determination to please apparent on her eager face?"  Sure, she might seem a little crazy, and yes, maybe everything she says sounds like conversation starters she found on a website, but at least she is trying.  Let's give her a shot!"

Bottom line is: I love her.

Yes I have jumped on the Mindy Kaling Band Wagon and I sure hope it doesn't end any time soon.

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Madeline Parson said...

This post is everything to me. I am so obsessed with Mindy and I'm so glad now that I know that you are too! I try to make Chad watch the Mindy project with me but he never listens close enough to hear the humor. We both love her books though!