Sunday, July 12, 2015


This was the last weekend Jason and I have in California this summer and so I figured it was time to do something we would usually not do.  So we headed out from Long Beach on the Catalina Express to Avalon!

 The ride out was fun but it was even more exciting when we finally saw Avalon in the distance.

Originally our plan was to camp on the island.  I thought it sounded like a fun place to camp but when we went to make our reservations we found out you had to make a reservation for at least 2 nights and so our camping would cost $98 and so luckily somehow Jason found a super cheap hotel in Avalon.  They would even give us a $10 discount if we brought our own towels!  So our room was only $85!  

 Our hotel wasn't much but the view was spectacular!

After a yummy sandwich shop we walked around Avalon.  I had no idea Avalon was such a fun little beach vacation community.  Although I don't think I would really recommend it to visitors from around the world, it is a perfect little get away for Southern Californians looking for a little break.  

 After a walk around the town we had probably my most delicious caprese salad at a restaurant right on the water.  (Almost everything was right on the water)
 Jason had some yummy calamari to go with.
 The view of the sunset from our hotel room.
 The next morning I woke up just in time to see the sun rising over the ocean.  Something that you can't see anywhere else on the West Coast.
But then I went back to sleep.......... and woke up a few hours later.  I decided that I needed to go for a run.  I had no idea where I was running but ended up running straight up hell oops I mean hill, but it was awful.  I was wondering why in the world I was doing this to myself until I got to the top and came around the bend to this...
 I ran by the old Wrigley's Mansion now turned hotel.
And then all of the sudden I felt like I was in Greece.

 After a trolley ride around the city we went out to the Dive Park for a real experience of snorkeling.  Now I must say.... since the incident of the summer of 2003 when a Huntington Beach Life Guard had to rescue me from the ocean I have been terrified of the ocean.  I even spent a good amount of time researching the number of shark attacks/fatalities before I dared get into the water.  (FYI there have only been 14 fatalities by sharks on the west coast since 1900) so I figured my odds were pretty good and I went into the ocean.

It was scary at first but when I stopped hyperventilating and actually stuck my head in the water I entered a beautiful magical wonderland of gorgeous fishies everywhere!

Here is an example of what it looked like.... the brilliant orange fish were beautiful.  There were some stripped fish and purple fish too but Jason's GoPro didn't work. :(

After our under the sea adventure we headed back to town for the most delicious pina colada and Mexican food before we headed back.  It was a perfect little weekend excursion.

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