Monday, June 22, 2015


I've been thinking about prayer all weekend.  For over two years Jason and I have been praying for some specific things.  And despite the frustration and confusion of set backs, two of our major prayers have been answered.  The joy and gratitude that comes at those moments are huge.  The love that is felt is overwhelming.

But then last week, all week, I just kept praying for someone going through something.  I really try to be careful about how I pray for things.  Maybe it is because of my past experiences or maybe its because of my lack of faith but rarely do I beg for something.  I try to ask for comfort.  I ask for peace.  I ask for the knowledge and perspective to overcome.

But last week I begged.

And the results came back, and my prayers weren't answered.

It's a wonderful thing how age and experience can drastically change a reaction.  Of course I have cried.  Of course I have been mad.  Of course I want to scream out that life is not fair.

But this time unlike times of the past, I was able to see the good.  When the bad news was given, there is still hope.

And this is why prayer is so valuable to me.  Why I am so grateful for a belief in communicating with a loving Father.  Because sometimes, even when we beg, we don't get what we want.  Whether it is ourselves or people we love dearly, people have to go through hard things.  But the good news of the Gospel can always bring us hope.  And right now, I am so grateful for that.

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