Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I felt like a bit of a hypocrite yesterday.  I nagged a friend that she hasn't been blogging like usual....  and then I realized, really neither have I.

It's not that there isn't anything going on in my life to write about.... just a lot of stuff I shouldn't write about.  How annoying right?

So I just went through all my pictures that I've taken in California since I got here....I've had lots of fun....

Starting with my interview at Disneyland.
 For the record I am not in the Disney look with my interview outfit.  Skinny dress pants and open toed shoes are not allowed.  But luckily they still hired me.  And the second picture is the sneaky picture I took while I was waiting for my interview.

What is my job you ask??????  After throwing out a few options I chose to be a cashier at a food cart in Disneyland.  (Phew, can you imagine if I actually had to work at California Adventure, ew.) (Kinda kidding.....)

So I will be a cashier at a cart.  What that exactly means, I don't know it.  My number one cart I hope to work at is the coffee cart next to the castle.  (Working opening to noon would be the dream to me.)

But I'd also be happy selling ice cream, drinks, or of course churros.

The one cart I would prefer not to work......... the Turkey Legs.  I am sure they are delicious.  I mean everything at Disneyland is......but handing out Turkey Legs all day? 

Other highlights of my summer so far.... our family walk down to Donut Man on donut day....... fun but.....
The line was pretty insane!  And Donut Man was almost completely sold out of donuts.  Luckily for us, our favorites, tiger tails, were coming out of the frier right as we ordered.  Nothing like a hot donut!  (Sadly no donuts pictured.  Ate them too quickly.)
Working out away from my beloved gym and gym buddies is quite difficult for me.  But luckily I recorded 12 weeks of my favorite instructor so this is what my gym now looks like.

OH unless I decide to ride my bike to the beach which I have done twice now.  Sadly June Gloom has hit southern California and it has yet to be sunny at the beach.........
Yesterday I convinced my sweet cousin and her boyfriend to come to the beach with me. We went to a beach I hadn't been to before down in San Diego county.  It was a wonderful day with great conversation.  Also don't be deceived by the clouds.......... I still got a nice little sunburn.  

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